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Listening To And Reading Excuses

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Listening To And Reading Excuses

Warning, this post may actually look like what I am complaining about, but it really isn't Also, my apologies to those that take this all personally

As a business person who has experienced a certain level of interaction with others, I've had a couple of situations in the last few weeks that brings some enlightenment of why some people do certain things. And to try and not become what I am describing, let me get to the point:

People who are trying to cover something up, who don't have a viable reason for what they do, or, are just plain irresponsible and disorganized, will drone on and on, thinking that the more they talk, or in some cases write, that this somehow gets them out of the tight spot they are in.

Two cases in point. One is a client and now former friend. We did work for him, the bill was $750.00. I send him the bill. Over the next week he calls me every day including the weekend. I know what he is trying to do (i.e. weasel down an already 40% discounted bill).

I emailed him an explanation because he said he didn't understand the billing. He finally mails me a check for $150.00. I call him up and ask: Why did you send me a check for $150.00? For the next 20 minutes I listen to him rant on the phone about all kinds of things, except for an reason for the $150.00 and will he pay the bill in full. I haven't said a thing, but in the end at the end of his ranting and yelling, he accuses me of various things and slams the phone down.

Over the next 4 days, he calls me everyday and leaves a message about whether I have received more payments from him. The answer is NO, and, it's been a week and a half since his last call.

The other case is a graphic artist and web designer what we paid up front for copying our existing graphics, modifying graphics, some new logos, business cards and designs for two new websites.

So with $2500.00 up front, payments of $500.00 per month up to a total of $8000.00, I have yet to receive anything at all. Zip, nada, nothing after 2 1/2 months.

What I have received are long dissertations, paragraph after paragraph of his thought processes, the difficulty of creativity, waiting for that Eureka moment of enlightened thought that will get him on the path of actually producing something.

He has promised to get back to me right away with some minor logo stuff that I can do myself if I had the time. But I get nothing.

This is like listening to a Meth addict taking all day to answer a yes or no question.

All I really want to hear is: I will get you this, this and this on these days and dates. Period. I don't need him to write a novel on why he can't do it and can't meet deadlines.

Anyway, just a few of my thoughts over the last 24 hours (and 63 years).
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Re: Listening To And Reading Excuses

I so totally and completely feel your pain.

When I interview a new client the more they talk the less I like them, especially if they talk FAST.


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Re: Listening To And Reading Excuses

Preaching to the choir.
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Re: Listening To And Reading Excuses

Time to do a personal visit to the web designer. Do the job or refund the money.
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Originally Posted by HusqyPro View Post
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Re: Listening To And Reading Excuses

At this point I'd just tell them I want a refund.
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Re: Listening To And Reading Excuses

Maybe he'll get inspired if you show him how electricity works.
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Re: Listening To And Reading Excuses

When connected to his....pistachios?
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Re: Listening To And Reading Excuses

How did you let that graphic designer talk you into that deal in the first place?
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Re: Listening To And Reading Excuses

Originally Posted by Leo G View Post
Time to do a personal visit to the web designer. Do the job or refund the money.
I agree.
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