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Job Scheduling | Employee Insurance Problems

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Job Scheduling | Employee Insurance Problems

Ok, so I have been having some problems scheduling jobs latley. The problem is, I have 2 employees that work on a direct hourly and footage rate. They come and go when I tell them. I also have another employee who was hired to bring in more work, so he also does installation, but makes a percentage of the work he brings in. (revenue). Since work is slow, he has first take on the work he brings in, even if I have nothing for my employees. Problem is, only one of my employees besides me is able to be insured on my commercial policy. Which leaves me and him to be the only drivers. I have two working gutter rigs, but right now.

I am extremely busy with sales and it seems that the second I put on my tool belt, profits go way up, but at the same time, work drys up real quick. So my original plan was to schedule my guys in the one truck all week and then let my commission employee schedule his work Monday - Wednsday for his work. Leaving me, Thursday - Friday to do my job bids, while trying to avoid bidding jobs on Monday - Wednesday during the day.

For some reason this hole situation has been not working. For some reason, no matter how hard I try, I end up with appointments on Monday - Wednsday. Does anybody have advise for me? I have to keep my commission only employee happy since he brings in work, and at the same have committments to the other two employees.

Employee 1 - Help me start the business. My lead installer. Unisurable. Also very profitable, highly productive.

Employee 2 - Great for custom work. Insurable. New Employee.

Employee 3 - New Employee, generate his own work. Unisurable.

They all have valid drivers liceneses just cant insure them. Ideally I would have employee 3 working by himself or with employee 1. Is there anyway to get around this whole insurance thing? I just don't have time to drive people around and really don't want to bring another guy to drive we are having enough trouble getting everybody there 40 hours.

Any advice welcome!

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Re: Job Scheduling | Employee Insurance Problems

Welcome to the world of business!

Whenever a new poster comes on saying he's breaking from "the man" to make a go of it on his own, I think I'll post a link to this thread and your question here to give them a dose of what we have to think about while making "all that money".

EDIT-this is a great summation of the business end of what we do. Most people just have NO CLUE that we have to deal with these types of issues-nor do they care.


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Re: Job Scheduling | Employee Insurance Problems

Doesn't directly help you but I find I usually get a surge of calls on Monday morning. Maybe you should try to leave more space for appointments early in the week.
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Re: Job Scheduling | Employee Insurance Problems

Work toward not picking up your tool belt ever again. Spend 5 days a week selling, then hire a 4th guy who can drive and you have 2 teams, each with a driver.
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