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Geting Started ?

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Geting Started ?

So my goal over then next few years is to get a construction company stared. My question is what are some ways to get jobs so i can get on my feet with out having a DBA and the taxs stuff right of the batt? The money from the jobs will go for this. Any advise is welcome. Also i'm locoed in oswego county new york. Thanks.
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Re: Geting Started ?

Don't be a douche hack...get licensed and insurance then hit the streets to get the jobs


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Do it right!
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Re: Geting Started ?

Trust me I what to but i cant afford to right now. I cant get a bank lone because all of my student lones. I have been applying for part time jobs but no one is hiring right now.
Is it bad when the first thing you have to ask is. " Do you know how to read a tape measure" ??
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Re: Geting Started ?

For the country as a whole, the counstruction industry is strong. You might just have to go to where the work is at.

I dont know what it costs to get licensed and insured where you are at, but if you cant afford these two important aspects to setting up your business, you arent ready to go into business.

I just started my business in South Dakota. It cost me $150 to file for my corporation status (I just did generic articles and bylaws) and to get my excise tax account, which registers me as a contractor didnt cost anything. A federal ID number doesnt cost anything and can be done online. I will get licensed in a couple other nearby states, but will wait until I get my first jobs before I do. I can be licensed in them states in a few days. They will cost a couple hundred dollars for the licenses and bonding. My GL insurance will cost between $800-$1500 yr/, and commercial vehicle insurane was $1300/yr

So for me, its costing about $3k to make my business legit. i will address workmans comp after i hire my first employees. I know other states arent as simple and as cheap as SD though.

Just my opinion, but a guy needs to have a minimum of 15-20k in cash before he even thinks about going solo, and that is just for the business and some capital to buy materials and pay a helper and doesnt take into count money to live off of for a few months until you start having cashflow coming in
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Re: Geting Started ?

Originally Posted by CScalf View Post
Don't be a douche hack...get licensed and insurance then hit the streets to get the jobs
Yeah, don't undercut people with your cheap services. When you become a contractor, you will appreciate people not screwing you over.
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CScalf (04-11-2013)
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Re: Geting Started ?

There are 2 types of customers:

1) cheap
2) quality

Customer #2 wants to see your license so they dont have to worry about the building inspector.
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Joegreen (04-11-2013)
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Re: Geting Started ?

Do you have a trade, or are you green? Do you atleast have enough tools to do one trade? Why not try some sub contracting. Talk to some home builders in your area and see what you can't kick up.
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Re: Geting Started ?

I don't want to seem cruel, but if you went to college, then what makes you want to become a contractor?

Seems to me you need more experience working in the industry before you jump in and start working for yourself. What your taking about isn't easy.

Even if you plan to be a "cell phone contractor" you still need to know how construction works.

Just my opinion...


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