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Do You Feel You Should Educate Potential Clients?

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Do You Feel You Should Educate Potential Clients?

I have been kicking this idea around myself these past few months about adding definitions to my website explaining the differences between, say, plaster and drywall. While most painters, use the term plaster repair in an attempt to market they can infact do both, I have YET to meet a painter that can plaster, but have met many that can fake it with compound.

I have thought about 2 things.

First, currently my main page is almost an identical layout to the side of my truck (consistancy and all) Plaster & Drywall Repair... Every painter I have ever seen advertises the two together...

Second. On my website, I have given alot of thought about seperating the two into two distinct pages.

So it would look like this:

Plaster Repair (old school)
Drywall Repair.

Quite a few people, including customers (over 60) have suggested I market myself as a niche in the plaster repair business, since no painter in all of WNY can do an actual plaster patch the right way (lime and plaster of paris) yet all the painters claim they can do such...

Thoughts on this?

I have quite a few photos of both types of repairs, so they wouldnt be empty pages
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Explain like I'm five. Thanks.
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Re: Do You Feel You Should Educate Potential Clients?

I'd call it "plaster restoration". You can repair plaster with anything, only one thing will restore it. Or maybe that's too big a jump for you? Just add gluing it back onto the lath to your services (easy to do, as it turns out), and you're flirting with a niche that not many tackle.


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