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Builder Scheduling

We strongly encourage our customers to help us offer the best possible price by having the entire project ready at one time. Many cost and quality issues occur as a result of doing the garage, and basement development/basement stairway separate from the house.

- job cycle is tripled
- triple supervision, mobilization, and delivery costs
- subtrades make more money in volume rather than price when its all ready together
- because we donít invoice for partially completed jobs we loose access to capital for longer
- We have less conflict with other trades because they prefer to do it all at once as well. E.g. Cabinet guy wants to install basement vanity the same time he installs kitchen etc.
- quality is consistent because there isnít multiple crews
- avoid minimum charge quantities from subtrades
- many other trades like to use the garage for staging inhibiting our work
- pouring concrete during the drywall stage adds an enormous volume of humidity that delays drying time and can cause major quality issues

I am interested in getting feed back from builders and contractors so I can better understand this issue from their perspective. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Builder Scheduling

Why do builders/GC's not schedule projects in a way that least impedes the sub?

Because builders/GC's schedule projects in a way that least impedes THEM.

And if scheduling a project in a thoughtful manner is something they see as "impeding them", then needless to say you will most likely experience scheduling issues.

Good builders see the value in schedules and invest a great deal of time in it. The goal is to make everyone's life easy. In Out. Transaction You're not going to do that when plain and simple SOMEBODY didn't do their homework. It spills over onto the site.

Costs go up. Morale goes down. Relationships are ruined and not nourished.

All the ill effects of poor management. It's rampant.

All of this, as you say, translates to waste.

So what's the remedy? For you...a clause in your contract and the gonads to exercise it.


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Re: Builder Scheduling

Great post by Heritage.

I take my subs into account when scheduling a job, but the overall goal comes first. The painter I sometimes use when my guys are busy won't work when others are in the house, and won't make multiple trips because everything wasn't ready. I don't blame him, it pisses me off at times, but I don't blame him.

Same for my wood floor guy.

Just lay down a few ground rules, if your good ,people will stick to them for the most part.

Most builders suck at scheduling, FYI.
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Re: Builder Scheduling

is it pure negligence not getting all the trades through or does weather have anything to do with it? In winter many builders ask us to start insulation early. I think to make it more comfortable for the plumber and to hold heat for getting the frost out of the ground before concrete.

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Re: Builder Scheduling

I am fortunate to work with builders who are decent schedulers. Most of the subs know each other, and we keep in touch to let each other know the job progress. There are some times when deliveries are delayed, somebody overbooked, or something was forgotten. As long as it is not the norm, it doesn't really bother me.
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Re: Builder Scheduling

My best trades always go to the biggest project. that's just good allocation. I also like the option of putting multiple crews on a job to fill a day or 2 so they don't sit. with out it all ready at once I lose flexibility. a day or two lag for the garage or the basement no big deal, but i get calls the day before possetion to insulate frost walls because the walls were just framed. or inso, board, tape a garage because the floor was just finished. Or my personal favorate can you do the basement development in 4 days.
For many larger builders splitting a residential house into 3 stages is standard practice. As I am ready to do some growing I'm trying to evaluate how committed I am to this. The only other alternative is to raise prices. I've worked on plenty of projects where the trades run the show. Nobody feels like they charge enough on those ones.


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