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A Bit Of Friendly Advice....

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A Bit Of Friendly Advice....

..... to EVERYONE.

Wednesday night, I shut my computer down as it was telling me to install an update. I typically do this at the end of the day. So I click on "Update, then shut down" and go off to meet the sandman.

Thursday I get home from work, and my computer will not boot up. I get the first splash screen, but it just hangs on that. I turn the tower off and back on. I push the power button multiple times. I let it run for 3 hours, and it goes nowhere.

So this morning I take it to the repair shop. They hook it up and get the same thing. I mention, "It's either the hard drive or the motherboard". Either way, I'm covered.

Because........ I have multiple backups.

Yes, everything on my computer is backed up in three locations. Not just three separate external drives sitting at my desk. Three distinct mailing addresses.

Since I was heading out tomorrow to visit family for Turkey Day, I was more than prepared and had along the latest back-up external drive which I was prepared to leave at the shop so they could leisurely restore my computer and I could pick it up when I got home after the annual Trypophan Festival.

But............... just before we had all but forsaken my 'puter, the repairman said, "Let me try just one more thing..... you mentioned it was doing an update?" He reaches around and plugs in the store's network. He restarts it, and bam! Away it goes. I log in..... everything is up and running!

Hooray! I don't have to spend a boatload of scratch to restore my machine. Seems my modem had a brain fart during the update and my computer was just hanging up since it was waiting for ET to phone home. Once the network was connected, it finished the update and I came back home with a working machine.

Moral of the story:


I got lucky this time. But I had no need to freak out since I have three back-ups to work from. I may not be as lucky next time and have to spend my hard-earned money to get back on track.

And, if YOU back up regularly, you too can not have a panic attack if your computer just.......... dies.

Just my PSA for the day.
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Re: A Bit Of Friendly Advice....

This is why once I get a machine setup the way I like it I use clonezilla to make a copy of the whole machine.

This combined with carbonite to backup the files means should it crash I can just whack in the backup hard drive and let carbonite restore the files.

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Re: A Bit Of Friendly Advice....

We use box, drop box or egnyte to keep all of our files hosted securely in the cloud. This way if your local machine drops you don’t lose your files. It also has the added benefit of being able to access your files from anywhere.
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Re: A Bit Of Friendly Advice....

Yes, I could not agree more. I use OneDrive for all my data. In this day in age there is no reason not to be using cloud technology to store your data. Hard Disks are just too fragile in my experience.
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Re: A Bit Of Friendly Advice....

Same thing happened last year to me. Figured the system was borked, so I went out and got a new hard drive. Install the system fresh. The old hard drive then acts as additional storage and archive of data.

Installed, all was fine for about two weeks. Then on start-up, I had to choose between two operating systems. Seems the old system finished it's update and was good to go

Dual boot!!!!!!!!! with the size eleven right up it's ram.

Been using blaze to backup. One drive and the cloud drives can be touchy with large amounts of storage, terabytes. Probably should invest in a 4 terabyte drive, mirror backup the whole nut and store offsite like Sparky suggests.
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