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Regional Roofing...

What's unique to your part of the country?

I'm especially interested in what Roofers in Seattle consider most important and focus on most and how that rain over there keeps you guys on your toes.
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Re: Regional Roofing...

I have often thought about the roofing and rain situation in Seattle as well. I have seen posts from roofers in the mountains in Colorado and some said it can take literally months to roof the huge houses in the mountains. Of course these houses are new construction and recall the building time taking up to a year. Imagine the amount of snow that would slow you down in the Winter? One would think it would be best to install the underlayments tarp and do in the Spring.

How about roofing in Alaska?


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Re: Regional Roofing...

Here in B.C we roof alot of igloos.LOLWe see just as much rain or more as Seattle,as we are not too far away.Roofings the same,we just work around it.
"A Roof is only as good as it is Applied"

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Re: Regional Roofing...


Roofing in Alaska is real fun. In the winter it kind of sucks, but the summers are pretty gung-ho. We just started a job in Soldotna on the Kenai River. It is 405 squares of shingles and 100 squares of flat. The shingles are laid in a base of 2ply and then hot mopped. We are starting at 6 a.m. because by 11 the tar won't scrap off and it is only 60 degrees. We get off by 6 p.m. and get to go fishing for king salmon at night.
I'll post more on Alaska roofing later.

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Re: Regional Roofing...

I've been roofing in Minnesota for over 25 years. I was taught the trade from dear old Dad who started Roofing in Minnesota in 1967.

What makes Minnesota unique is the hot humid summers and cold harsh winters. I do all types of roofing, mostly Hot Tar/Built up which can be done all year round and keeps us somewhat busy in the winter.

We also do a fair amount of shingle roofs from spring through the fall, but don't make a habit of doing shingle roofs below 40 degrees.

Weather wise in Minnesota you deal with just about everything. Hail storms, and tornadoes ( spring, summer, fall) to the blizzards in the winter.

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Re: Regional Roofing...

It doesn't rain a whole bunch in Seattle, just drizzle. I've seen gaping holes that have been left open for years without any problems inside the home.


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