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Pricing Guide For The Inexperienced!!

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Re: Pricing Guide For The Inexperienced!!

If your subbing out the labor make sure you know what your subs or workers are going to charge you prior to bidding.

I'm owner operator and can get things done cheap myself. I used to bid around $150 per square for easy one layer walkers with Landmark 30's but due to the high volume of jobs comming in I've jumped my base price to $200 a square and still get most all jobs.

Here's how my pricing breaks down per job.
Permit, $25-225 depending on city, check city prior to bidding to get exact price.
Dump trailer, usually runs $30-65 to dump, can hold 50 sq's wich would run $75.00
Landmark 30's $46 plus tax or Landmark TL's $87 plus tax
Felt, $7 a roll usually the crappy stuff Tarco or something
Certainteed Ice and water, 65ft roll $25 with tax, don't ask me how!!!
Tarps, $100 per job to be safe
Nails, $35 per job ($22.50 per box B&C Eagle 48 boxes bought per shot free Hitachi gun)
Hammer tax staples, $12 per job ($3.20 per box of 5,000 tax when buying two cases)
Air vents, $11 each Lomanco painted metal or aluminum usually 10-15 per job
Roll metal $45 per 50ft roll
Plumbing vents, $5 each galvanized 2-4 inch
Diesel fuel to job and back usually $50-100
Gas for 5.5 Honda compressor $3.00
Hook blades, $1.00-2.00 ($40 for 50).
Laborer if needed, $10-20 an hour depending on experiance and work ethics (none shingle).

Overhead for my business are,
Liability insurance, $2,400 a year for myself $1,000,000 each occurance
Comp, $685 a year with $485 received back anually after audit
Vehicle insurance for F250 and dump trailer, $850 a year full coverage.
Yellow book advertising, $1,200 a year (waste of money)

Figure in not having to pay any salesman and very minumal for labor and you have low overhead for a small business ($150K last year with no tear off materials).
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Re: Pricing Guide For The Inexperienced!!

I don't have percentages like some of you do but the average tear off works like this.
Lets say the bid is $ 7,000
$2,000 go for materials and under $500 for labor, dump fee, permit, ect.
Most jobs take two days with one helper do to (35sq 7/12 one layer tear). Figure about $4,500 in profit on two days.

For new roofs the overhead is very low as the builder buys all shingles, felt, ice/water, vents, ect. I only have to show up and supply fuel and nails. Most 10 hour days $1,000 is made by myself ($45 a square labor 7/12 22.2 squares) 22's squares is actually put on in about 7 hours, 6 hours with a shingle tosser.

Owner operator the profit is good and the overhead is low. I'm still young at 26 and have been roofing full time since 17 so may go until 40 when I may sub out totaly. Who knows though my father is 49 and still can tear off or shingle neck and neck with me! He's been roofing full time since 18.

When you have subs and salesman and more overhead the bid price has to go up to cover a profit for the owner. The best way to sub out and still make good money is to pay hourly guys to tear off and sub out the shingling. Every roofer knows the most money is made tearing off. I've called adds in the past when work was slow prior to being licensed to find roofing contractors paying subs new construction prices to roof on cleaned off tear offs. Figure $150 per square for labor of which $40 is being paid out for shingling.


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