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Need Advice On Roof Cleaning Business

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Need Advice On Roof Cleaning Business

I'm wanting to get started in the roof cleaning business this spring here in NW Ohio. I.m a small time roofing contractor doing 15-20 roofs a year. I try to do things right by using synthetic felt, hand nailing everything and not having any blow-offs, with the exception of one that I did 6 years ago due to air nailing (lost 4 shingles from nailing too high on the last row under cap). It sounds like I'm bragging, I know, but what I'm getting at is I want to use the best products and the best procedure so that I don't have to make excuses, keep changing products, avoid lawsuits over damage ect. I have never advertised, getting all of my work from word of mouth, which I know I'm going to have to do if I'm ever going to get bigger. What I'm asking for is advice from someone who does this type of work in the northern areas that is satisfied with the way they are doing it and so are their customers. I've been looking for a while, some using sodium hydroxide, bleach, ect., some using low pressure, some letting the rain rinse it. I want to be able to say that I'm using something approved by the shingle manufacturer, something that won't damage their shingles, landscape ect. What I need, at this point, is someone who does this type of work to provide me with advice on the type of chemicals and equipment necessary to perform this type of work. What i am not looking for at this point is someone trying to sell me something, i am only looking for clear guidance on this issue.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Need Advice On Roof Cleaning Business

I can sell you gallons of bleach for $4.

But all the information to make a profitable business i'll give you for free.


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Re: Need Advice On Roof Cleaning Business

OK, I'm open for any advice.
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Re: Need Advice On Roof Cleaning Business

We do some cedar roof cleaning. Thre realy isn't any market in mya rea for roof cleaning of asphalt shingles, however what little there is gets eaten up by the "power washing" companies and there are many of them.

I can only comment on cedar. 1) Too much bleach will stain an area. Woops, don't ask how I know. I mix the biocide bleach into my power washer's detergent spout. 1 gallon will do a whole roof no problem. 2) If using bleach you will want to water down where the downspouts drain so as not to kill any grass or plants. I recommend saturating before working, at lunch and then again after working while cleaning up. This will save you on costly landscaping repairs. 3) Set your powerwasher on low low low. 4) Roofs are extremely slick when wet BE CAREFUL! 5) Never spray upslope, only down slope as the water would shed in a rain.

I always try to upsell a cedar preservative. There is alot of crap on the market, but IMO anything not oil based is a waste of money. Alot of guys are simply applying a solid color stain using an airless sprayer, this doesn't revitalize the cedar one bit, it just hides any flaws. The product I prefer is TWP 200, or Total Wood Protectant. It is expensive, but it's worth it IMO.

As an added bonus and to set myself apart from the power washing companies I will throw in flashing caulk for free as well as replacing up to one bundle of missing or damaged shakes for free. Well to be honest it is marked into the cost, but I have yet to see a 15+ year old cedar roof that did not need a few shakes repalced.
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Re: Need Advice On Roof Cleaning Business

Thanks for all the help guys. I'm outta here!
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Re: Need Advice On Roof Cleaning Business

there is a new association starting in the next couple weeks called the roof cleaning contractors association (RCCA). It's going to be a great networking tool and it's also going to offer great benefits to it's members. There is other's too and i found the more you join the better exposure your company will get. Some are kind of a joke though.

A company I work with that does roof cleaning spent $40,000 in 5 months advertising in a local paper. It did pay off but for my money I'd rather pay the $20 per month. The website is already up and you can get a free listing for your company. You can also become a member for $20 per month( it says $25 on the website but they told me they are going to offer $20 for their initial membership drive. You can also get certified by them. My old boss knows the guys who are starting (though the industry) and he says they are going to pull a lot of weight. If you sign up for the free listing or membership it won't be posted until at least next week( so be patient). When I signed up for the listing the President of the association called me personally to review all the benefits they are going to offer. I guess over 300 companies have all ready signed up and your company is going to be posted in the order that you sign up with in your state so I suggest you sign up asap so that you can be near the top of the list with in your state.


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