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Minimum Pitch For Shingles

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Re: Minimum Pitch For Shingles

My suggestion is to use the roofing shingle manufacturers specifications. Anything less and you will wind up with no warranty and a lawsuit. Easy enough to pull specifications for each roofing shingle manufacturer from their web site. You need to remember that shingle weight will factor into maximum pitch as well.

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Re: Minimum Pitch For Shingles

The answer has been give above. Code is 2/12 min with special low slope application methods required below 4/12. Ice & Water is a substitute for a double layer of felt.

It has been my experience that house originally framed at 2/12 will have spots below 2/12 after a few decades of age and gravity.
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Re: Minimum Pitch For Shingles

Originally Posted by MattK View Post
Do not use I&W on the entire roof. A roof system needs to breathe to function properly. Covering the entire roof with Grace would block air flow even worse than the cheap granular option.

agreed Matt... I was always told a 3
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Re: Minimum Pitch For Shingles

A little update on this. It's now a year later, and today the addition roof is getting framed.

As it happens, this morning I noticed that the rear ridge beam was run directly off our original ridge (cape cod, 12:12 roof). Well, our plan was to raise the ridge so we could get more slope on the rear roof. Oops...small would still have been 2 1/2:12.

Thank goodness I caught it, just before they started cutting the rafters. Plans are onsite, but it was just overlooked somehow.
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Re: Minimum Pitch For Shingles

One, Use steel on the shed roof addition.
Two, Move the ridge back and up at the 12/12 pitch until the long side forms a 4/12 roof pitch

First floor top plates at nominal 0'-0" 26 feet apart, a 12" floor added under the addition roof, so 108" high(above legacy FF top plate & 8'stud wall) second floor top plate, the old peak at 12/12 X 13' run plus rafter width, is say 13'-6" or 162" , 13' run at 4/12 = 52" + rafter width, say 12" wooden I-Beams for insulation, thus the new ridge comes back into the addition & up about a foot?

You need a carpenter that has done these before or someone that can read basic roof framing texts.

This isn't rocket science boys.


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