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I Sold A Storm Damage Roof, Now What?

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I Sold A Storm Damage Roof, Now What?

I am a Contractor who usually installs siding and roofing on new construction homes. recently there has been many hail storms in our area and I have been contacted by a few homeowners to repair their roofs and siding. The Work aspect of the job is no problem for me but I have never dealt with an Insurance company before so I have many questions about their process. I have already met with the adjuster and pointed out all the damage and am waiting to hear back from the claims department. My Questions are:

1. Do I submit my Xactimate estimate to the homeowner or the Insurance company? and when do I do this, before the work begins as a bid, or afterwords as an invoice?

2. should I begin any work before the Ins company says what they will or won't cover? I only ask because I see other roofs being repaired already and dont know if these other companies have already had their claims approved or are doing them to be billed later.

3. I have heard some ins companies send multiple checks, a first one for ACV, and supplemental checks for Replacement costs. what numbers are the replacement cost check based on? their estimates or mine and do I have to bill to even get supplemental checks?

4. Does the Ins company figure for O&P automatically or do I have to bill them for it?

If there is already a thread addressing these things feel free to let me know.
Any Help would be very much appreciated.
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Re: I Sold A Storm Damage Roof, Now What?

Paging @madrina


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Re: I Sold A Storm Damage Roof, Now What?

dealing with an insurance job now
i posted about it

not saying yours will be like this.

but mine is very slow to pay
come to find out , that insurance company pays the mortgage company
so now i`m waiting for each draw from them
you have to submit for a payment
they called 3 days later and said someone will contact me within 72 hours to inspect my work.
that person took a week and a half .

i had to shut the job down ,so this poor lady is living in the midst of a construction site . had to get their attention, because shes too nice to pressure them )
inspector then said she`d come in a day
after she inspected , she said she had no idea what the procedure is after her inspection
' she said contact the agent.

client still hasn`t gotten the money , so she cashed in on her retirement fund to pay me .
i`m worried like hell about the last payment.

i`d send all paper work to all parties , and let the owner know your gonna put a lien the house ,
i`d bluntly talked to all parties about payments before you start , when what you have to do for each payment , and how long each payment takes after you submit a bill. especially final payment , because once the jobs done its , you have less leverage .

i`m sounding bitter , but i usually work directly with home , or business owners , and i`m always paid upon completion.

" Griz" reasoned that i should have a line of credit .
. that's true , but i`m not in a position to these days
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Re: I Sold A Storm Damage Roof, Now What?

I rarely ever deal with the insurance company directly. The last time did it was just to explain some of the cost with the job. But they excepted my bid as was and paid the owner as the money then they paid me. Also don't let the insurance company dictate your cost for the job, it unless that is what you want to do.

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Re: I Sold A Storm Damage Roof, Now What?

Whoa whoa whoa everybody needs to get a pen and paper and start taking some notes.

Op if the insurance adjuster comes out you meet him at the house, you guys go over what is damaged and what is to be replaced then the adjuster sends the homeowner the estimate along with a first check. You collect the check buy the materials, do the work, invoice the insurance company for exactly what their estimate says. email it to the adjuster you met on the roof previously with a note that says all work is complete please release the depreciation funds to the homeowner. Then you call the adjuster and ask him if he got your email . You have to put the claim number in the subject line of the email no matter what insurance company you're dealing with or they will not receive it claim number and nothing else no dashes no title no nothing but the claim number.

The insurance company will cut the check and mail it to you within the next 3 business days.

It isn't necessary but if you have before after pictures I would submit those too along with the final invoice and you can put those in the Xactimate invoice. The easier you make their job the quicker you get paid.

tell the homeowner the insurance company will be sending their final check and when it gets there to call you.

Now for the guy with the mortgage company involved. You should have gotten enough money up front to purchase materials and pay your crew before you started that job. If the mortgage company is holding that money it's because the homeowner is behind on their payments. they typically only take the first check if it's over 15,000 and if the home is not paid down to 80% of the of the loan. but they reissue it and send it back to the homeowner the same day normally. but they have up to 10 days to actually have the check in the customer's hand. they also have what is called a roofer's packet that you have to fill out and turn into them. it usually contains your proof of insurance your contractor's license a copy of the permit u pulled. and until you give them all of these things you get no dollars. if they come out to inspect and you have not finished the work you get no dollars. I actually need to read your post again cuz I was trying to read it while I was stopped at the last light. I'll be back
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Re: I Sold A Storm Damage Roof, Now What?

Op question number 2. Not if you want to get paid for it! if they don't see it and you can't prove it they ain't paying for it. And the homeowners not either. Don't ever do any work until the adjuster has seen it and given the homeowner an estimate for repairs. Even if the adjuster tells you yeah we'll pay for it, sure! wait until you see it in writing!

If you don't agree with the estimate that the adjuster wrote that's when you write your own estimate and send it in requesting approval for supplemental payment. If there's a window that was cracked from a hailstone take a picture of it put it in your estimate. take a picture of the entire side of the house that that window is on then Zoom to the window then Zoom to the crack in the window. So they know exactly what side of the house it's on and what window they are replacing.

Overhead and profit... Oh there's so much to be said here. So here's the short version, if you want it, bill for it, you might get it.

There are only two checks that get cut the ACV and the RCV. The ACV check is the first check and the RCV check is the depreciation money that is issued once the work is completed.

You want supplemental checks then you make supplemental invoices for supplemental damage.

Woodpike, or whatever your name is, sorry, not being rude, just can't remember... All these payments and the when where and how of everything is paid has already been established.

The Carriers have a very specific set of rules and time frame they must follow. They have to have x before you get $. If $ is delayed it's because they don't have x. It's pretty simple really.

The mortgage company does throw a kink in things but again, they need what they need then they give u what u need


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