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Foam Roof?

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Foam Roof?

I was talking to a friend in Phoenix last week, and they were telling me he had a foam roof. It is a flat roof. Now, I used to work out there, but I don't remember ever seeing a foam roof. Maybe I just wasn't looking.....My question; What are the steps? I have to figure it is closed cell foam? What is the final coating? Any southwestern roofers here? Thanks in advance..
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Re: Foam Roof?

There are a few different systems in use from sprayed CC & OC foam to foam panels pre sloped - sprayed is to hard for people to pull off so you generally are looking at panels. Sprayed OC foam & panels are easy to spot when it leaks as it absorbs water - CC on the other hand you will notice where the water gets in around the seams (Using IR gear)

As for the coating that goes on top of the foam, that varies but a quick search of Google can lead you to numerous versions

The few I dealt with in Phoenix, they would do a primer coat, embed fiberglass mesh in it, and then one or two top coats

Locations - commercial buildings & for those with the hacienda style buildings, carports, etc... (or whatever they are called)


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Re: Foam Roof?

spray foam roofs didnt do well up here. The birds pic the hell out of it.
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Re: Foam Roof?

The first step is to start with a crappy idea.....a foam roof.....and continue from there. Never been a fan. Birds do eat the stuff, or use it for nests, or just peck holes in it for sh**&ts and gigs. Any moisture saturates like a sponge depending on the density of the sponge and it absolutely cannot even begin to handle even the slightest ponding of water with the coatings. In our area, after a few years, dime sized hail beats the you know what out of it. I do like to see it when I go up for an inspection after a storm b/c I know we have a new roof coming our way.
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Re: Foam Roof?

Foam roofs = Bad Idea.

Spray foam are the biggest pos around. As others have said, they do not hold up to ponding water, birds love them and even some of the best sprayers can not get them to be half way smooth.

Foam roofs that used ISO boards are only half way better. Atleast they have some protection from hail with the fiberglass facers. Birds still love them but atleasted if they used Tapered ISO they could get the water to the drains/edge.
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Re: Foam Roof?

Thanks for the responses guys..........I honestly didn't know anything about them, and now I know that the guys who do know, generally don't like them.....I won't mention it further to my friend......I get the impression he thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.....
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Re: Foam Roof?

I'm not going to knock the product as a whole. I only know that in the northwest there are two building products that have no business being here. SPF roofs and EIFS exteriors. Both are nothing but sponges no matter how they are applied.
Now this could be different for drier, less extreme climates but I don't know.


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