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Different Ridge Vent Levels

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Different Ridge Vent Levels

I have an addition with a zig-zag ridge, 9ft ridge then a 6ft ridge after a short descent (1 foot lower ). Can't find any doc describing if the difference in heights would cause an issue if I ridge vent both of them. Same attic space. Any suggestions?
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Re: Different Ridge Vent Levels

3' difference is our rule of thumb.

any more than that, it causes a vacuum and now the ridge becomes an intake

unless its separated from the main attic space.


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Re: Different Ridge Vent Levels

Originally Posted by kubie View Post
3' difference is our rule of thumb.

any more than that, it causes a vacuum and now the ridge becomes an intake

unless its separated from the main attic space.
Even at a 3' difference in height, the ends of the lower ridge vent will become intakes for the higher vents. the ONLY way to eliminate that is to block off each level of attic area.

Air is like water. It seeks a level and takes the path of least resistance to get there. A 3' height difference is not NEAR enough when you consider the free area of a ridge vent is considerably greater than most soffit vents.
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Re: Different Ridge Vent Levels

Knowing as much as we do about your addition (which is to say, almost nothing) it is difficult to say anything intelligent as you have not even provided as much as a location.
You could be in the high desert of California or you could be in the frozen wasteland known commonly as Canada.

So I am going to hazard a guess and say that you will be fine putting ridge vent on both ridges and the most that might be wrong is that you wasted a little bit of time and money doing a harmless, yet slightly wasteful install of a superfluous ridge vent.

You are welcome.

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Re: Different Ridge Vent Levels

The way I Understand it is u need intake and exhaust. Twice as much on the bottom creates a flow of air that pulls from the bottom and pushes out the top, where the hot air goes naturally. Anything in between disrupts the flo of air hence rendering the ventilation system ineffective. OR rendering the maximum potential of the system ineffective. IMO a foot difference would not make that much of a difference especially if the two levels are right next to eachother. That being said, I do know that inproper ventilation in your attic space will have an effect on the life of your shingles. As it has been mentioned in the posts above, more info or pictures could possibly aid the contractors here in determining a solution to your problem.
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