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Clean Up Old Cedar Shake

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Clean Up Old Cedar Shake

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this business please help me out on this one. I'm entering a bid to replace an old cedar roof to asphalt shingle roof, I would like to know what should I be aware before I place a bid, for example, I assume it will take much more work to clean up the old cedar shake then asphalt shingle. Should I charge the client more money? how much more? I charge my client $250-$300 a square for asphalt shingle, what do you think I should charge?

Also, what is the faster way to peel wood shake.

thanks for your help.
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Re: Clean Up Old Cedar Shake

Where I'm from we get between 450-500 per sq for cedar conversions.You must resheet as well because it is more than likely skip sheathing for the old shakes.I would also run a drip edge up the gable ends to hide the edge of the plywood/osb.


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Re: Clean Up Old Cedar Shake

resheathing aside, shake tearoffs are much easier and less mess than asphalt tearoffs, I don't know why you would get the idea they were more difficult. Short, d-handle forks are the best way for removing it. If it has liner, start at top and take three or four rows at a time horizontally(whatever is comfortable), one guy spudding, one guy rolling and you can roll up huge chunks of it and throw it in the truck. If no liner, just dig in from the bottom or side and go, it comes up very easy. Disposal is generally considerably cheaper than asphalt also.

Only thing easier than a shake tearoff is woodruff tearoff (running out of those anymore though).
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Re: Clean Up Old Cedar Shake


We rolled a whole roof deck like that once. It was about 25 rows of shakes from eave to ridge. The was sliding it off the roof and into the dump truck.

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Re: Clean Up Old Cedar Shake

Not much different. Pitch fork will be a bit easier. They always seem to be a very dirty removal, everyone is covered in dust and dirt. Nails get left bend after the shake is stripped so best to stay ontop of those and not strip to far ahead.
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Re: Clean Up Old Cedar Shake

Originally Posted by Renegade View Post
Disposal is generally considerably cheaper than asphalt also.
200 lbs a square for asphalt and probably a quarter of that for shake. Build a ramp to the dumpster, trailer or whatever and stuff will slide right in with all the dust an dirt.

Wear a mask because it all tastes like sh!t. Make sure you cover anything stored in the attic. Keep an eye on your clean up in there.
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Re: Clean Up Old Cedar Shake

From my experience shake tear-offs take more time to prep.All nails left behind,little pieces everywhere,etc.Although from time to time you get an asphalt tear tha comes off in quarter size pieces,that sucks!
"A Roof is only as good as it is Applied"
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Re: Clean Up Old Cedar Shake

The attic will be full of the debris. The strip sheathing is the culprit. Either figure on having someone in there cleaning it out or tell the customer. I knew a guy who sued a roofer over leaving that debris behind.
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Re: Clean Up Old Cedar Shake

Here is a list of tips;

Cover the ground with blue tarps. You can pull a mountain of shake to the truck if they fall on the tarps. if they land on the grass it triples the clean up time.

Wear your mask because of "old" dust. Old dust is so fine that it goes straight to the bottom of your lungs.

Build two triangle frames with two by fours and mount to the first piece of sheathing. This way you have a roof top saw horse. Have your helpers stock it for any cutting you need to do.

Bring your felt to the job so you can get it blacked in before you go home.

Only tear off as much as you can black in by the end of the day in case of rain overnight.

Time out your shingle roof top delivery to arrive just after you get it felted.

Don't drink beer until you are on the ground for the day.


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