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Is Anyone Here Bidding State Jobs?

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Is Anyone Here Bidding State Jobs?

I've started down the road of bidding state jobs here in Wisconsin. I'm trying to get into more schools. The specs lay out some pretty strict rules. Do you really need to follow all of those rules and qualifications before you can land the job? Or is it more a matter of cheapest price wins? Some of these jobs are not that big and my guys are more than qualified...

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Re: Is Anyone Here Bidding State Jobs?

Alot depends on if "pay to play" is occuring , the more corruption the less it matters since its all about the kickback


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Re: Is Anyone Here Bidding State Jobs?

Umm, yes, the specs aren't just meant to be a suggestion. If you are not familiar with this type of work, Read the specs carefully and note any questions or concerns down and contact the architect in an RFI. Don't know how it works in Wisconsin but here you need an Idaho public works license to do business with the state. Weeds out some of the riff raff. It generally still is "the person who wants to lose the most money gets the job". But the field is pretty professional in general and they are some decent jobs.

Idaho, in general, cares more about the value they are getting as opposed to the cheapest roof possible so not just anyone can bid on them.

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Re: Is Anyone Here Bidding State Jobs?

Generally speaking, you will be disqualified if you miss any of the tendering requirements; even something as mundane as submitting your bid half an hour late. As Renegade wrote, you need to read and follow the specs carefully and get any unclear requirements clarified by sending in questions via a Request for Information. The instructions for sending in RFIs are outlined in the specs.

Depending on the RFIs, the owner/architect may change their mind on certain requirements and they will issue addenda accordingly, making clarifications and/or changes to the original specs. You will have to keep on top of all addenda as they are issued otherwise your bid will be based on assumptions and/or outdated information, and therefore may not be competitive or acceptable.

Only the bidders who pass the qualification stage move on to the next stage where prices are compared. Usually, the cheapest price will then win, but most public bids include a Privilege Clause stating that the lowest bid, or for that matter any bid, will not necessarily be awarded the job. For example, when the bids are opened and 9 bids are in the range of $80,000 to $100,000 but 1 bid is only $40,000, it is doubtful that the $40,000 bidder will get the job as there would be concerns re this single contractor being able to successfully and satisfactorily complete the job at this price if no other contractor could even come close.
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Re: Is Anyone Here Bidding State Jobs?

In the Republic of Wisconsin, you can probably expect inspection (to the "T") because of the way the bureaucracy there seems to work.

A few years ago DILHR would not accept ASTM standards (and other codes) and substituted theirs that drove testing companies crazy. Now, it is a little better.

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