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Monopour (right Forum?)

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Monopour (right Forum?)

Hey everyone,

Just wanted your thoughts on cleating the bottom on the footingbox on monopours.
Do you think it's necessary to prevent kick outs?
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Re: Monopour (right Forum?)

I'm not sure I understand.


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Re: Monopour (right Forum?)

Originally Posted by rjconstructs View Post
I'm not sure I understand.
I think he's asking if it's necessary to place a kicker on the footing form to keep the wall forms from blowing out in a monopour situation... Where you would form the footings and the walls and place all the concrete at once.
If that's the case... Yes, absolutely.
There's nothing anchoring your wall forms the way they would be in a two part pour.
I've done only a few of them, and I don't like them for anything over 4 feet of wall height.

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Calidecks (03-25-2019)
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Re: Monopour (right Forum?)

I mean on the underside of the footing form, to run a cleat at 90 to the edge forms tying them together. Doing that to prevent a kick out at the bottom of the footing form.

Or would you say the stakes holding elevation would hold the pressure?
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Re: Monopour (right Forum?)

It would suck to be wrong. After watching a neighbor's retaining wall have a partial blowout, I would say go the peace-of-mind route.

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Rio (03-25-2019)
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Re: Monopour (right Forum?)

In my commercial concrete forming days a blowout meant someone would be going home for good. If there's any doubt in your mind at all, throw a brace/kicker on it.

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Rio (03-25-2019)
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Re: Monopour (right Forum?)

How much does it cost to throw a brace or two on. Compared to it blowing out and taking part of the poor with it.

In my high wall days, a blow out was the worst outcome you could have. We spent extra time to assure we didn't have them.

Nothing like having a 20 foot wall blow out to get everyone excited.

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Re: Monopour (right Forum?)

My limited experience with forms and concrete is there is no such thing as too many braces, kickers, walers, etc..


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