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River Rat Dad 10-15-2006 07:17 AM

framing a door in a steel stud wall
At my church there is a need to install a prehung interior door in to a wall with steel studs. No load bearing issues. My thought is to open things up to the nearest studs wider than the door, screw my wood 2X4's to the steel studs and proceed from there with standard wood framing.
Is that the correct plan of action?

Peladu 10-15-2006 08:53 AM

Why not use a KD Door.

In many places putting wood into a commercial steel framed wall is against code, usually state.

Steel stud wall is usually 3 5/8" with 5/8" rock on both sides.
You will need an extension jamb, or custom jamb if you use a wood door.
Which also may not be up to fire code, isn't by me.

I would use a KD.

River Rat Dad 10-15-2006 09:03 AM

My background is residential roofing, siding, etc and the associated wood work. So.... I gotta ask, whats a KD door?
I see your point on the drywall and stud width. Something I hadn't thought about.

Peladu 10-15-2006 09:13 AM

KD is Knock Down.
The door frame will be three pieces; Head and two legs.
Slap it together and then use the tension screws to plumb it.
Two screws on each leg at the feet also to screw into the bottom track.

You will have to do some framing, but you should be able to use the steel stud you cut out to make room.
No need for additional material, and the KD door is already ready for what you need.

River Rat Dad 10-15-2006 09:19 AM

:thumbsup: :notworthy

AustinDB 10-21-2006 06:37 AM

I priced a couple of KD's for a church project and they were a bit pricey, over $600 for a 36". We had a couple of commercial metal frames/doors left over from a remodel and used them-they were meant to be installed in new construction and it was quite a job putting them in. Would have loved to use the KD's.

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