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New Spreadsheet For Cabinetry/woodwork Bidding

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New Spreadsheet For Cabinetry/woodwork Bidding

I decided to overhaul my bidding process and spreadsheet for cabinetry and woodworking projects. I created a new spreadsheet that works off the total of number of parts. I have inputs for standard parts, specialty operations, parts that need special jigs, oversized parts, etc. I have assigned a number of minutes of labor to each of these part types, which I can change easily. It also has inputs for delivery, scribes, and installation. The sheet adds up the minutes, divides it out to labor hours, adds in my company overhead on a per hour basis, allows for changing the number of staff working on the project (which affects the total number of project overhead hours), allows for on-the-fly profit margin changes, allows me to input material costs, and spits out a nice number for me to bid with. All I have to do is count parts, boxes, and materials costs and put them in. The thinking behind this is that we are often called upon to make stuff that is not standard and is often not even cabinet related. But everything we build is made up of parts. So now I just count them. The best part is that I have a lot of jobs that I can go back and count the parts for and compare the labor hours we spent in order to get semi-accurate per part minute counts. Does anybody else out there count parts and bid this way? I just put a rough bid together for three large walk-in closets worth of face frame cabinetry, with drawer banks, cabinet doors, and matching molding and it took me about 15 minutes to count the parts-468 total. Since no system is perfect I am sure this one is not, but I am happy so far. I would share the spread sheet but it has all my numbers in it. Anyone with any experience using Excel could easily come up with something similar. Any thoughts?
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Re: New Spreadsheet For Cabinetry/woodwork Bidding

It seems pretty reasonable, I'd be interested in how it turns out. Sine you have your historical data, it should give you a good calibration and you can see where it may be off. I'm all for it, good idea!


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Re: New Spreadsheet For Cabinetry/woodwork Bidding

Created and used one for P-Lam cabs. Simply do a count of similar cabinets. Enter width height depth, number of doors hinges per door, number of shelves... calculates edge band, sheet goods sqft & relative sheets the whole nut.
Basically has three types of cabs - Base/upper, drawer Base, all drawer base. Can enter for tops bottoms sides laminated and it'll calculate all hardware ect... creates line item sub total counts that get multiplied by cost added up and stuck into a proforma P/L per job.
Really has some very complex formulas and mind bend to get set up...but it works and is very accurate.

Tip my hat to y'all, spread sheets can be powerful tools.
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