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List Of Finish Carpentry Items Price Out

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List Of Finish Carpentry Items Price Out

I am a general contractor looking to make a shift in my business. I have decided to focus on finish carpentry for other contractors. I am creating a price sheet with a list of unit prices for common work Items. This would be labor costs only. This is what I have so far.

Crown molding
Interior doors
Closet doors
Barn doors
Wood floors
Engineered floors
Cabinet installation

What else should I make sure to include in a price list
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Re: List Of Finish Carpentry Items Price Out

closet shelf & pole

misc shelving

stair railings

window wraps

exterior doors

does your door install include hardware?


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Re: List Of Finish Carpentry Items Price Out

Scribing or shoe


Chair rail

Multi piece casings, crown, base

Pocket doors

Additional cost for dealing with incorrectly sized RO, cross leg issues, severely out of plumb framing.
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Re: List Of Finish Carpentry Items Price Out

Jamb extensions (windows or doors)

Different pricing levels for built up base or casing details (two piece base or crown, casing with back band, etc...)

Will you be including finishing in your installs? Filling nail holes, patching, caulking, painting or staining?

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Re: List Of Finish Carpentry Items Price Out

Well, i think the obvious answer would be anything else you commonly install....

I would actually keep it simple to start. My first thought was to add window wraps and shelving but theres just too many variables on some stuff that i would be leary of unit pricing every single thing. Like exterior doors for example. They can be a real can of worms you wish you'd never opened sometimes.

I know it helps the prime when they can know what youre gonna charge them ahead of time and it saves you both a bit of time but i would hate to get stuck doing a complicated install when it was priced to be knocked out in a day or 2 then find out its gonna take a week or more instead!

Also curious, do your guys make piece rates on installs? And how are you planning on pricing cabinet installs? There can be ALOT of variable on cabinets so unless you are only offering the unit rates on certain styles, hardware and trim options, then again I would be leary of unit pricing. Are you building the cabs? Is the prime or HO supplying them? Are they... Flat pack? Prefab? Custom? Do they have pullouts? Are you responsible for subtops? Is it a full kitchen with an island and 20 wall cabs ... Or just a single vanity? Is the job an hour away in the million dollar neighborhood or 2 blocks from your shop?

All depends on your preference though, some guys will live and die by the sword and let it all come out in the wash but i personally would hate to get stuck on a tricky install for less $ or worse yet, lose an easy install because my unit price was too high and the prime got a lower bid without giving me a chance thinking my price was gonna be too high for that project.

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