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Custom Window Intallation?

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Custom Window Intallation?

How do you install the old rope and pulley windows from the 40s? I installed plenty of new construction and replacement windows but never these old types? any and all help would be helpful, thanks so much
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Re: Custom Window Intallation?

Do you mean how do you replace the sash cords or how do you install the whole window?
Sash cord replacement is fussy but doable. I can go into details if that's the issue. The whole window is just like a new, wood-cased window except the ROW has to be bigger to allow for the weights.


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Re: Custom Window Intallation?

Originally Posted by genecarp View Post
Originally Posted by boydbuild View Post
bump. I have to bid on this job this weekend and ive installed new construction and replacement windows plenty of times but i never installed these types. Do you think it will be like new construction with flanges or ?
Originally Posted by neolitic View Post
Back up a minute.
Where did the windows come from?
Where are they going?
New construction?

No, they will not have flanges.
That's the only question you
have given enough information
to answer.
If they need weight pockets,
they were likely intended for
balloon framed houses, and
if you are've a lot
of research to do.

Sash weights and thermal
pane glass?
Originally Posted by neolitic View Post
Do not double post!
It is against the rules,
and it will confuse you
and anyone who tries
to respond.
Now it's all in one place.....
in two places.
Put your location in your profile!
( seems there really are dumb questions)

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Re: Custom Window Intallation?

I start by removing the window stop on each side.
Next I remove the bottom window - if you look at the sides you should see a cutout with a small screw-
Then remove the cutout and look at the weight and how the knot is tied ( Make sure that when you replace the rope it does not hit the bottom of the sill inside)

Repeat for upper window. I hope that helps
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Re: Custom Window Intallation?

They are being done by a custom window shop to reciprocate the old style, and being installed in old apartment buildings in nyc. So I wanted to know how to install these, like replacement or new construction, how?
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Re: Custom Window Intallation?

More than likely they're set up as "new construction" windows, but wouldn't it be easier to just check with the manufacturer???


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