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When Is The Best Time To Advertise

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When Is The Best Time To Advertise

When is the best time to advertise? For roofers like me they say the best time is in the fall. But you do not know if it will just be a waste of money because of the economy. I just try to depend on The word of mouth right now ,till things get better. I have thought about a direct mail campaign, I think this is the best form of advertising for me.
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Re: When Is The Best Time To Advertise

Advertising, of course, can be a huge waste of money -- or a vital expense. Successful contractors in the business-to-consumer space advertise reliably and routinely. Your challenge is getting started effectively as it is easy to piss money away.

I doubt you will be at the level of Feazel Roofing in Columbus, which spends a small fortune on local radio advertising, but you may wish to study (from a roofer's perspective) Bestline Plumbing's approach in Los Angeles (Leonard posts as Pcplumber in these parts).

Other options of course include website and PPC advertising, but I think this will work best if your overall business structure and marketing are geared to Internet-comfortable readers; in other words, you may wish to use video estimates, lots of email, have an e-letter and so on for this type of marketing.

Best strategy I can think of, however, is a four-stage approach.

1. Develop a follow up communication program with your existing/previous clients. You want to encourage rather than "rely" on word of mouth.

2. When you are making these follow up calls, take a few minutes to learn from them which media they use (newspaper, magazine, internet, etc.) and see if you can match your advertising to these outlets. Gather some testimonials, as well, as this will be helpful in your advertising.

3. Study and learn from non-competing contractors in other cities with similar demographics to you to find out which advertising works best for them.

4. Copy that form of advertising, in the media recommended/matching your demographics from 2 above, and be ready to commit resources for several months. Advertising, with the exception of certain internet sources, is rarely a quick fix.


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Re: When Is The Best Time To Advertise

Advertise when you need or see that you will need more work. By the time you are slow its too late.
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PGD (08-26-2009)
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Re: When Is The Best Time To Advertise

I would advertise in my sleep if I could, there is no such thing as too much advertising IMO.
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Re: When Is The Best Time To Advertise

Modenstyle is correct. But if you're asking when the BEST time is the answer is when you are busy and have tons of money. This is the time that you can try new things and if they don't work it won't kill you. If you need work badly and are living off your savings, advertising could bury you. If the advertisment works that would help you but there are no guaranties so if it doesn't work it could put you under.

In short...........BEST TIME TO ADVERTISE.........When your busy and can afford to lose some money. IMO
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J F (08-20-2009)
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Re: When Is The Best Time To Advertise

How fast do you want to grow, how much work do you want. Word of mouth is always the best prospect. On every one of my invoices, I thank the customer for their business, ask them to tell a friend if they liked our work & if not, tell us. I look for steady growth, don't like fast growth because that seems to lead to failure if not very carefully managed, I like to work with my tools now & then, hate the office but a business is a different trade altogether that needs constant attention to be successful.

I use a modest but noticable ad in the phone book issued by the phone company only. Personally, I like full knowledge & control of what's going on in my business as it's my name.

If you want to get big fast, put down your tools, hire people who know business, listen to them & hire people to ensure the quality & customer satisfaction you as a tradesman wants, then watch everything like a hawk, listen to your people you hire to help you run your business.

Web site, small local newspaper will give you the biggest bang for the buck. Keep your ad constantly in the public's face. If you go radio & tv, make sure you can afford to keep it in the public face without going too deep in debt. Advertise year round.


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