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What's Your Writing Environment?

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What's Your Writing Environment?

How do you write content? Any specific pattern... coffee, music.. in your bathroom?

I'm doing a pretty big project on my site and working on quite a bit of writing. I took a couple days off because I change my whole schedule around. I stay up through the night and drink alot of coffee and Turkey Hill Iced tea. It's really the only quiet time and my dawg lays on the floor beside me.
I like to listen to Coheed and Cambria in the background because it gets me thinking of other words than typical stuff that you'd read on a contractor website.

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Re: What's Your Writing Environment?

I use the old tried and true method of creative writing----

Two minds---left brain and right brain---

First I am creative---write whatever comes into my mind---without worry about any flaws---

Next--the critical mind steps in---out comes the red pen,cross out the junk--move things around---

Then, back to being creative---without worry--then--the grumpy critic comes back.

I can't be creative and critical at the same time---just end up with boring material whenever I try it.

Like you---the best time is when the rest of the world sleeps---Mike---


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Re: What's Your Writing Environment?

When I am stumped and need some new material I often free write on the topic. As the above mentioned, it's hard to get your creative wheel turning if you have the critic hitting the brakes every few words. So, I start writing my stream-of-consciousness around the topic (if I have one) without worrying about sentences, spelling, punctuation or any other formal quality. I'll go back in a day or two and pull out the meaningful bits and the rest is history.

Good luck!
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Re: What's Your Writing Environment?

Coffee and music work for me, definitely. And I need to be away from people while I write, that's for sure.
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Re: What's Your Writing Environment?

Okay, this thread is almost 4 years old and only has 4 posts, 5 with this my new one here. That shouldn't be too surprising since contractor skill and writer skill aren't typically found together. I can assure you my skills at building things isn't great—maybe better than the average HO and probably better than the average writer, but for sure not great.

I can relate to Mike in the sense I have the rare gift of accessing both sides of the brain at will. That's necessary to write creatively and make it interesting for the reader, yet also be skilled enough to communicate clearly.

Since I write for a living and write for a lot of people, my methods are varied. The #1 ingredient for writing though is a lot of reading. Learn all you can from others. It also involves keen observation. Pay attention to what people say, questions asked, views, concerns, and opinions expressed, etc. Research is also important.

My actual writing environment is my desk but many other factors often take place first. It could be just thinking things through before leaving the comfort of my bed, it could be sitting outside on a beautiful day enjoying a beverage and reflecting creatively, it could be while out for a walk or bicycle ride, it can be an online community like this one, you name it, creative minds are never really off duty.
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Re: What's Your Writing Environment?

I?ve been awarded the job of blog writer with our firm. What i?ll do is just reiterate scopes and projects that i see in the field, and create articles out of that. It?s a good exercise to keep me updated on the different coating systems, and the different obstacles that come with project management.


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