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Starting With 5 Stars

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Starting With 5 Stars

You already know how important reviews are for your business for social proof, ranking in Google maps, etc. If you send out a follow up email asking for a review or if you link to your Google Business listing, this tip is for you.

Normally, when someone clicks the link to review your business in Google and they're logged in, they are presented with a box to type their comments and the stars are gray.,3,,

By using this tip, the stars will be pre-populated as filled in.

Start by searching for your business name on Google. You should be presented with the Knowlege Graph results on the right hand side of the page. Look for the link that says write a review and click it. The pop up review window will appear. Go up to the address bar in your browser and copy the url. Close your browser. Paste the url into notepad, depending upon how the url ends, you'll add a comma and the number 5, or you'll delete a comma and add the number 5. In any case, there should not be more than one comma in a row.

Now, the results should look like this:,3,5

Reopen your browser and paste the new link. You'll probably want to use a url shortener like or to make the link more manageable and easier to share. If you're having trouble getting it to work, paste your url in the reply and I'll get it sorted for you.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Starting With 5 Stars

That is a fancy tip. But the bigger issue is to ensure companies position themselves to get the reviews in the first place. Check out Castile Construction who is local to where you are. While the technical method is not as fancy as you suggest (but I am pointing them to your post), they already solicit testimonials by linking to their mapping page. They will be a great contact for you if you ever need remodeling. I started with them a long time ago and will vouch for them in addition to the local reviews.


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Re: Starting With 5 Stars

I think the whole point is to make it easy for people to give you 5 star reviews. The first step would be identifying those likely to give a 5 star review, and then give them the link for it.

Excellent tip!
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Re: Starting With 5 Stars

Hi Shane,

Welcome neighbor. We would be glad to help you out if you need some remodeling work done.

And before making any marketing comments, let me give you some insight to Castile Construction desiring to be 5 Stars but unfortunately could not make the cut. A few PROSPECTS, NOT CUSTOMERS, posted 1 Star reviews when we politely turned down working with them. In the past it seemed only customers could make posts, but I do not like that someone who was not a customer can also post. We strive to have a happy customer and profitable business relationship. Some prospect personalities and job opportunities do not afford us that, so we politely reject the opportunity. I find it strange the people then feel compelled to complain when we did not work together. I know a Lead Gen company who gets their members all fired up about the power of negative reviews and perhaps they feel so entitled that they feel they can dictate how we should run our business, even when they are not a customer.

One complaint was valid and we addressed it.

Your point on getting reviews is important. We have worked with MyOnlineToolbox for years. They guided us in ways to make it easier to solicit reviews as part of our business process. I glanced at some other MyOnlineToolbox client websites and see they are soliciting reviews a little easier than we do (minus the 5 Star Default suggestion). Great extra suggestion that we are passing to our programmer.

Give a call sometime if you need something done to your home. Would enjoy meeting you.

Forrest Castile
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Re: Starting With 5 Stars

Hi Forrest,

Thanks for reaching out! It's great to "meet" a neighbor. You're doing it right, in terms of responding to the criticism in a timely fashion. It looks like besides two reviews, all of the rest are 5 star, so it's just a matter of time before the negative ones roll down the page. Will definitely keep you in mind. The closer we get to winter, the more my wife reminds me of how dark it gets in our house, and wouldn't it be great to have another window here or another one there?
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Re: Starting With 5 Stars

One of our family friends used a service/software that allowed them to text and email their clients to grow their reviews on Facebook/Google and on a little custom profile.

Lets just say he ended up having 235+ google reviews, 100+ Facebook reviews and who knows how many on the profile he explained to me for his pressure washing company.
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Re: Starting With 5 Stars

Those are great results! There are now a number of automated systems that help with getting positive reviews. You can also do this manually if your work is lower volume. Either way, you'll find more success by "priming the pump" for reviews. Telling the customer up front that part of the way that you grow your business is by ensuring that your customers are happy. Ask them if you do a great job, would they be willing to leave a positive review? When you're done with the job, remind them that you said you'd be asking for a review at the end of the job and was there anything that would prevent them from giving you a five star review? This gives you a chance to clear up any misunderstandings. Tell them that you'll be sending a link to complete a review in the next day or so. If things seem to be going sideways, you don't send them the link.
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Re: Starting With 5 Stars

Nifty trick there! I use which has done well cultivating reviews, but like others have said the bad reviews often come from prospects. It's frustrating. It's happened to us a few times but we got so many 5 stars so it hasn't mattered.

Now tho, hurricane Irma hit our area. Since the storm we are getting 1000+ estimate requests per day through our website. Which brings those 1star prospect reviews to a whole nother level. To keep it short:
-No response gets us bad reviews (we physically can't respond to all of them, even with a polite canned decline)
- A response "thank you for considering, but..." leads to bad review as well.
- So I decide to take the estimate request off our web site and put up a notice 'thank you for considering but we are currently unable to accept..." guess what we get within 1 hour "1 star: No longer doing estimates, they must've gotten so much business from Irma they can't help anyone"

I talk about it in more detail in this fb group: . Real frustrating pickle.

Review sites are here to stay tho and starting with 5 stars pre-filled is cool. Thank you ShaneT!


[Private FB Group] Contractors & Home Service Business Owners Only (Vetted)
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