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Search Engine Optimization

Ok all you web heads, help me out here. I think I have a decent web site but I can't seem to get my site on the first page when customers simply google "general contractors "my city" There are a lot of providers that I can pay to do this but I figure if I can learn how i can do it for free. Anyone have a simple optimization plan?
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Re: Search Engine Optimization

Not a web head, but I am a web dude, so I think I'm qualified

Quick answers, because I haven't had my coffee yet, and I neeeeeeed it.

#1 Google local is a lot easier to rank, so you're in a good position. However, it's still not "easy". What are the Page 1 search results doing that you aren't? Meta tags, keywords, title tags, backlinks, all of this is important. You want to beat them, you must do more.

#2 Absolutely, 100% you can learn to do this for free. Anyone and everyone has the ability to learn search engine optimization, because the concepts really are not that hard to grasp.

However, it's going to take you a lot longer to rank because you're behind the curve and SEO already takes forever to work anyways (forever being a couple months) Also SEO is never a one shot thing, and can become quite tedious and mind numbing. You need to consistently work on it to maintain your rankings. I'm talking weekly at the least. That's why outsourcing it is such a big deal, if you want advice on picking a good SEO dude, I'm sure you can find it here.

#3 There is no such thing as a simple optimization plan. There is on page stuff, off page stuff, social bookmarking, keywords, meta tags, title tags, games of tag (just wanted to see if you were reading everything). A whole host of other geek speak drivel, and the other part is that your campaign is much much different than anyone elses.

There are free tools out there for keyword research (google it), there are ($300) tools out there that let you "see" what your competition is doing for SEO (google it), and there are tools out there (from free to $1000) that will help you speed up the process.

Not to scare you off from doing it yourself, and if you really want to here are some tips:

Pick the most important keywords you want to rank for. Put them in your title tag

Fill out the keyword meta tag anyway, even though Big G doesn't use them. It's insurance, and won't hurt your ranking

Pay attention to keyword density on your page. Don't stuff your pages.

Focus on one keyword per page, however make it natural. It's called LSI (google it)

Don't expect it to go quickly. SEO is like dog years, two weeks working on SEO is equal to two seconds human time. Sucks, but that's the breaks. Just be glad you are going for a long tail keyword (google it) and not a broad head (google it)

Then don't even get me started on how even if you have good SEO and traffic if your site is weak you're not going to convert anyway (but that's another chat entirely). There are plenty of guys on here who will give you a quick rundown of how changes and tweaks.

In summation, DIY SEO isn't quick, isn't fun, and if your time can be better spent doing something other than spending a couple hours every night in front of your computer, outsource it to a reputable company. It'll be faster, cheaper (your time is money, isn't it? Mine is), and you'll have better results.

Time to get some coffee, let me know if you have any questions.

PS. Shoot me a PM and I'll do a quick breakdown of what your competition is doing SEO wise. It'll give you an idea of a battle plan.


I'm a web dude, and I do web stuff.
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Re: Search Engine Optimization

OMG, game of tag, funny! WOW, great response, a bit beyond me though. It appears that your right in regards to the time i will apparently spend on it. I like to build period...I will take your advice and seek out a reputable company (probably not so easy) hopefully I will have better luck than when I tried to search for a reputable internet lead generating company.
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Re: Search Engine Optimization

Apparently J is off having his coffee and I am almost done with mine. Since both of us favor hiring a pro as you would expect, I recommend searching this forum for a lot of great info on choosing an SEO person. You don't have to become an SEO guru, but it is certainly a good idea to become well informed enough that you avoid being taken by the scammers. Yeah, there's a lot of snake oil being sold in SEO.
Steve Chittenden
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