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Radio / TV

Anyone have experience with using either of two for advertising?

Is radio worth the money? What about TV?

I am starting to plan a radio ad to run in early spring for roofing and want to know if any of you had good results and good returns for the investment?

I have started to request radio station statistics. Obviously it would be moronic to run a radio ad for new roofs on a radio station that plays "kid" music.

Any advice?
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Re: Radio / TV

I never have but friends have. On radio you have to be careful as to what times & how many times your spot will run. Watch what your contract says. Once an hour make certain it's not at 7:55 & 8:05.


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Re: Radio / TV

In my opinion they both are becoming a waste of time and money. To advertise on a major radio or tv station your talking about spending thousands of dollars. I hired a marketing company to help me build up my web presence and saw twice the results for less than half the price. Best marketing money I ever spent hands down. PM for more info. Best of luck.
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Re: Radio / TV

Originally Posted by bellapaint View Post
In my opinion they both are becoming a waste of time and money. To advertise on a major radio or tv station your talking about spending thousands of dollars. I hired a marketing company to help me build up my web presence and saw twice the results for less than half the price. Best marketing money I ever spent hands down. PM for more info. Best of luck.

I am already listed at the number one or two spot on Google and the other web search engines for the 4 keywords I targeted which are the most searched in this area. It is also a competitive market with at least 50 guys who have websites.

What I am looking for is to get the name out there more before people even start to search for a contractor.
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Re: Radio / TV

I have never done it, nor do I know anyone that has (personally).

That being said, I know OF 2 companies that advertise on the two radio stations I listen to most often.

One of them is on a classical music station.
The other is on a "Talk radio" station.

They have been advertising for at least 3 or 4 years. So right off the bat it tells me one thing: It's working for them!

However, the one that advertises on the talk radio station has changed his ads in the last few months. His new ad runs something like this: "Hi, my name is Ben from *Their company name* and right now is the best time to renovate your basement. I need to keep my guys busy so I'm giving away renovations AT COST for all bathroom and basement renovations. I'll even cover the HST (which is a 13% tax that we have here in Ontario). So call me today and take advantage of this limited time offer...blah blah blah".

So he's basically offering T & M, no markups and he will "cover the HST".

I think before this he was advertising a "10% discount for all listeners" or something.

The other one is advertising "Seniors NEVER pay tax". Back when we had the "Home renovation tax credit" he was also advertising that he will match the tax credit.

I've looked into both of these companies. They both operate almost like a franchised business or like a national handyman service company. They are mostly geared towards small renovations/repairs. They went after what MOST homeowners need. A bathroom reno, new flooring in their kitchen, maybe a backsplash, change a door or know, small to medium sized project. Nothing really "involved" or elaborate. Finishing a basement is pretty straighforward for what MOST homeowners want to get out of it, which is really just to hide the mechanical room, frame all around, drywall and insulation, new flooring and paint. That's it.

Advertising some kind of discount obviously appeals to this kind of crowd. There is the perception that "if these people are on the radio, then they must be trustworthy"...something that I would not disagree with. The more "public" of a company you have, the more options a disgruntled HO can have against you so ensuring that your reputation remains spotless would be priority #1. So that measure of accountability is something that I'm sure is inherent with these 2 business models.

Speaking of business models, my take on their operation is as follows:

-They operate almost like a national Handyman service
-Almost a corporate structure
-They go after simple, quick in and out projects which have the broadest mass appeal.
-They advertise heavily
-They pay the workers pretty much dirt cheap & mark up their rates significantly (like they might pay a carpenter $20/hr but charge the client $60). Since their projects are small and simple, you don't NEED good/great carpenters...or any trade for that matter.
-They are not selling quality, they are providing solutions for average HO's. An old lady that wants a new bathroom, a housewife looking to get a new countertop in the on.
-They operate off volume

I'm sure I missed some things but you get the jist. If I had any advice, it would be to recognize that advertising on TV/Radio is good IF it is inline with your business MODEL. If it's not, can you and will you restructure your business to fit that model? Is it a model that you think will work for your area? What are others doing? So on and so forth.

Put it to you this way, the guy that wants to drop a quarter of a mill on an addition to his house won't be calling the guys on the radio.

2 cents.
Toronto General Contractor
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Re: Radio / TV

Ive always heard it pays to use the station top personality to do your ads.
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Re: Radio / TV

Thanks for the in-depth reply Heritage. It does put a new spin on things.

I have been writing and re-writing an ad for awhile now that I think will grab peoples attention. I am also currently in the process of working out a financing agreement through a bank for four years of payments with zero interest. If it does work out, I hope to include that in the ad and let people know they can have the exterior of their home remodeled for less than their car payment.
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Re: Radio / TV

A well known contractor in Waukesha is a friend of mine and just did radio ads for 3 months straight. He was very disappointed in the results. His ads were professional and very well done and he has been in business for a long time. He had a very strong offer and just about everything you could imagine.

Radio is interesting. One of the problems with radio is people tend to tune it out. People get bombarded with marketing so much things like this becomes watered down.

My sister is a realtor in Waukesha. She just sold a 4 family to a person who demanded a new roof gets put on as part of the deal. The old owner made a money deal with the buyer and didn't want anything to do with finding a roofing contractor. This was on Tuesday.

She does this day in a day out. I would get to know people like this first and save radio advertising for when all other options have been extinguished.

see ya!
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Re: Radio / TV

See this old posting about Feazel Roofing in Columbus, OH.

Obviously radio works for him, but I sense the problem here for someone trying this method is that you may need to go through some (expensive) trial and error before getting results -- and you need to give the radio ads enough time to sink in to be effective.

This is the case with virtually all paid advertising media. Lots of money up front and hope for results. When you are fortunate to have a method that works, then you can begin testing effective improvements and alternatives and eventually get the advertising under control. Then you are in the golden place for marketing -- you have the ability to dial up and down your advertising to generate profitable leads depending on market circumstances (while constantly testing and improving your model).

Somewhat the same principles apply for paid online advertising (AdWords etc) but the speed/testing time is compressed. Best advice I can give is to look at other markets similar demographically to yours, see who is advertising there, check with them, and maybe pick brains (and creative copy). Then you aren't flying totally blind. Relevant associations with multiple chapters may be helpful here.
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Re: Radio / TV

Radio depends on how big your brand is. If I said "roofer" in your area and people would default to you, then yeah, I say use build more brand. You are going to see very few direct jobs come from radio. Why? Because radio targets disinterested customers. Meaning, people that don't want your product or service at the time they are consuming the ad.

So, if your name isn't a household name in your area, and you want to actually book jobs from this campaign, stick to mediums that attract buyers, people with money in hand ready to buy what you have to offer.


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