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Roofing sales pro
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I came here to try and help other contractors, i have been told im spaming the board. What i am is a professional salesman. You guys dont wnat my help i could care less and i will elave with no problem

As far as getting things not perrmission and locked i am not selling anything as someone emailed me today. I said i cant per the rules.

I am offended with the way i am being treated across the board. What i want to know is why i am being blocked by the the people who run this site. If they want me to go please email me and that will be it. This is not a spam nor me selling anything. Seems to me im not wanted. Reply i dont care. Just trying to help with what post i seen i could help. I am known on other sites rather well and they know what i can do and what i know. You guys dont want my help your loss not mine
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Back from the dead...
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Re: Ok

You broke the rules by even posting here.

You are not a contractor.

Have a nice day.


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handyhands (11-04-2009)
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Roofing sales pro
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Trade: Roofing sales professional
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Re: Ok

Yea i am been doing this for 15 years. i have no website i will atest for that. The truth is a sell for a differnt company and i will not say who it is well because it not your business. I am a salesman for a company i came here in good faith. Those who know me they know that, If you dont want me here stand up and say it. The name of the company i put down was the company i owed years ago before 9/11 when i went under due to 36 calls buring the morning with customer backing out and well i just quit answering the phones. as far as how fast i can reply the truth is i am on disablity and can not work. Do you want my therapists number to prove im hurt? Would you like the phone number his cell that proves im a salesmen? how bout his want to talk to the wc case worker?

I am just trying to help. all the bs that i have been given, books help some but unless they are built for home improvment they will only get you so far. What i have learned in the field not in a book i was trying to share as far as my answers. i will put this in a pc way. You would not be asking for help if you did not want to recieve it. You gentalmen want me gone simple i will delete the account with what i know and leave it will be the sites loss not mine. I had a guy email me ask me to sell what i know and i refused per the rules, he said he would not say. Long and short i am trying to follow the sites rule.
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Re: Ok

lol this thread is Pointless...
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Re: Ok

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
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Re: Ok

GTP1003...I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt but after reading your posts ( I read all of them) I'd have to agree.

I too am a salesman. I realized early on my strength was the selling/marketing side of the business and I hire out all the other aspects.

To give gtp1003 some credit this IS the Marketing/SALES section of the website and that would mean that there should probably be some guys that have sales experience to round out the knowledge this is needed to be successful in this business. Remember a SALE takes place before ANY work begins.

HOWEVER, most of your posts just say, "the way that I do it...the 3 papers I wrote...my pamphlet...etc" but you never offer any hard, concrete, situational advice. So you have yet to provide any advice, techniques, or solid suggestions...mostly COMMENTS on the posts or references to materials you have developed which, through deductive reasoning, would suggest you're withholding any knowledge you have on the topic with the hope someone will contact you directly (as you said has already happened).

So I did some research to try to form my own opinion and regardless of your true intention, it doesn't matter what you WANT people to believe, it's what your actions, or lack of, MAKE people believe.

Best Regards,

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Re: Ok

enough already. Closed.


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