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Marketing In Uncertainty, Health And Economic Concerns

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Marketing In Uncertainty, Health And Economic Concerns

I wanted to offer an idea to consider since everyone needs to make proactive moves for the industry, many who will simply not be strategic at weathering the storm. Usually all the news will be negative from most, and something positive needs to be in play, or everyone is toast!

For me, this will be my fourth adverse business situation to suddenly deal with, so my focus on the topic is based on experience, not just theory. The most sudden was 9/11. Not only was it a shock to the nation, but it was a shock to my business.

As soon as this issue began to trickle in I was preparing, but hoping not needing to use the experience. So, unfortunately I was expecting my clients to start getting suggestions from those who should not be sending suggestions. Luckily many of my clients pause because I have them planning to pause before acting.

In the last week I have been watching a flurry of marketing folk begin their emergency campaigns – but the problem is that so many have never even come close at understanding at what is going to happen next.

All the theory in the world will not help those who are inexperienced in an emergency. There will be casualties – so we should be smart, not just at preserving whatever it is you are thinking about for yourself, but the reality that many of the people you know are going to take a big hit, and fast!

Some people are already doing the “super-fast to expose tragedy” marketing. The title of one that came past my desk is “Free Webinar: Coronavirus' impact on the home services industry”. It opens with “We are proud to present all the information you need to know about Coronavirus and the economic impact on the industry.” I saw the word “proud” and realized they are already looking to use this as a way to get their name out there. I reached out to them as soon as I saw it suggesting the word “proud” isn’t a smart thing to use. I am sure it falls on deaf ears since their goal is to promote some form of sales – you can bet on it.

So my first suggestion to you is to be cautious how you reach out to your customers since your own material may be inadvertently supporting fear, or not being read the way you think it is being read. Everyone’s inbox is inundated with a permutation of the same topic. Using the example above, it is hard to see how people are “proud” to promote a Virus and an Economic Pause. I know it was not their intent, but that is what shows the lack of experience in dealing with this.

Some strategies are for growth and good times, and some are for war. Being strategic in this industry is challenging enough in good times, so being strategic in harsh times will be harder. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and one still needs to think clearly.

Some people have shared ideas with me and luckily they were able to delete them quick enough with a little conversation and reasoning. They were responding to suggestions from nit wits just pulling ideas out of thin air since it sounds good.

I am surrounded by many too young (not looking to be demeaning), or should I say inexperienced, folk who are great at websites, programming, social media, etc., etc. The problem is, they have all had their work experience based on an unprecedented amount of good economic times. They have absolutely no true experience what it is like to be basing their strategies and guidance during an economic implosion.

For any younger person taking offense, forgive me, but this will be your education of a lifetime on how to handle a retreat, including your own. Be cautious on your advice since the results can be very harming if you are wrong. Time and money are against you, unlike all the good times that occurred up until today!

Many marketing, sales and consulting folk who are throwing ideas into the wind will panic too, and basically start shoveling whatever they can to prove they are in the know. The reality is, it is impossible for them to recognize they are learning too. I already anticipate differences of opinions and arguments when I speak to a business owner and it completely contradicts with what another person suggested.

But now is the time for an owner of a contracting business to really qualify who is giving suggestions.

I am not sure what you may be up to, or perhaps you really do not know yourself and are kind of just waiting for your next steps. But I do encourage to pause for just a moment to think out what you do next. Also, try to be reasonable on where you spend money and where you spend time. Time may be more prevailing for money and there are so many things you can do to keep the momentum going on your own.

We all know that many in our industry struggle to plan a month or two out, let alone how to plan during a situation that can simply wipe out their business. And others will be positioning for the recovery and then explode in opportunity.

Any opinions on how you plan to address your marketing in these challenging times? I have a few to offer but felt it better to ask if anyone has some thoughts to share.

And I also wish you to stay healthy as well as hoping you all are OK with the businesses. Everyone needs to join together to ensure a transition in thinking not seen before. Good luck everyone!

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