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How Do I Get More Projects Without Spending Money?

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How Do I Get More Projects Without Spending Money?


So I'm keen to get the old man more work for his construction business, bathroom and kitchen renovations to be precise.

How do I generate more work without spending a cent? so far cold calling is a big one but im not sure what else has worked for you guys

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Re: How Do I Get More Projects Without Spending Money?

You can't, have sites4contractors make him a website.


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Re: How Do I Get More Projects Without Spending Money?

Threats and intimidation my friend, threats and intimidation.

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Re: How Do I Get More Projects Without Spending Money?

All my work is referral based, I haven't done any advertising

Do quality work, be honest, treat clients with respect- that business model seems to work

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Re: How Do I Get More Projects Without Spending Money?

The best would be reaching out, either by phone or email to your existing clients and "Say Hi, and just ask them if they happen to need to any project assistance or if they happen to know someone." But first ask if they need something before asking for the referral.

You can also do this on Facebook with a post showing a good project, and then just ask something along the lines of "Happen to know someone who may be in the need of XYZ, please Like or Share, thank you in advance".

These are a few things you can do for Free (excluding the cost of your time). I do agree with the other reply to still get a website, but I would suggest finding someone in your country since there are differences in how to market to various locations there, plus the time differences may get to you whenever you may desire to have a conversation.

Good luck.
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Re: How Do I Get More Projects Without Spending Money?

it definitely starts with your people skills , people want to feel comfortable with you

your selling
" i got this for you , i`ll do this , and all will be done with no problem "
your voice , body language and demeanor has to relay that.

there is things you can do

for one , make sure every client you do have or get , keep their email address. once every month or 2 , sent a pic to them of the work you've done lately . don`t try to over-sell.
" hey Bob here , hers a pic of what we've done this month , let me know if you need anything .

haven`t had to do that in over 15 years , but i sent our a letter to 300 old clients once . got 2 calls that day , the next week a couple more .
" most said things like " hey! spike forgot about you. you still doing this?"

i`d look up designers . and architects
call them .
like i said , if you sound like a typical sales person one the phone , i`d hang up on you in a second .
" hi , listen i`m a contractor , we do kitchens and baths , can i meet you , or send you pics of out work?"
call plumbers , tile guys ,cabinet guys,painters in your area .all of them mostly do bathrooms , and kitchens .
ask them if they ever need someone , or would like to refer you .
supply houses are a maybe .

but again , its all in how you come across.

oh ,... also
i here those guys at the street lights holding up the cardboard sign " need $$ , god bless" make a decent amount of tax free money...
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Re: How Do I Get More Projects Without Spending Money?

This some sort of challenge to see if you can increase business without spending money??? Borrow, steal, find some way
To get a couple of grand for a website. Leads will be rolling in faster than you can answer them.

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