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Google Local Services Vs. Other Lead Sites

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Google Local Services Vs. Other Lead Sites

Hi, I've decided to leave my job as an accountant to remodel homes, something I've been doing on the side for friends for the last few years. I know it's going to be hard to build a business but I'm passionate about this work and am confident I can build a decent business over time.

I'm beginning to plan how to market the business. I've read all the posts about different lead generation sites. I plan to use some combination of them to get me off the ground.

Does anyone have a good sense of how the cost per lead compares across them? In particular, I'm looking at google local services and how they compare with the other players (HA, Thumbtack, Porch, etc).

I'd love to hear what experience people have had with Google versus other marketing channels.

Thank you. I appreciate anyone who's willing to lend their expertise.

Frank, ZenRemodel
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Re: Google Local Services Vs. Other Lead Sites

May find that remodeling, especially the higher dollar GC type services, doesn't always benefit as greatly from SEO & lead gen as it may in other markets and industries.

Also the higher the dollar market the longer the tail (time) is to, internet based marketing being really beneficial. Something to consider for start up. Can go belly up waiting for the internet to bring you leads that convert to sales.

A solid and realistic marketing plan is what you need. Web based lead gen being one of many ways needed to advertise for customers. The truly profitable part of remolding is in word of mouth and repeat customers. Neither of those can, up front and easily, be replaced with throwing money at paid google ads.


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Re: Google Local Services Vs. Other Lead Sites

If you add in repair work , window and door replacement, drywall repair, your early years a website and seo will keep you busy.

At some point you'll want to turn down jobs you don't want to become more focused, in a good economy more likely.
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Re: Google Local Services Vs. Other Lead Sites

You happen to be in Long Island, NYC area or upstate?

Your marketing to these areas is different, and also some of the Lead Gen folk will over complicate (and overcharge) based on the areas you target.

I am from the area, and have marketed to all those areas. Yes, being very targeted for the services themselves is one thing, but targeting the correct areas the correct way is a major ingredient too.
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Re: Google Local Services Vs. Other Lead Sites

Right now Google Local Services is providing a highly discounted service compared to other lead gen providers. Additionally, they only send the lead to you unlike HA that sends the lead to somewhere between 4 and (reported) dozens of others. You can't go wrong with Google on this one. Trust me.


Apex Home Services
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Re: Google Local Services Vs. Other Lead Sites

Iím sure google will be your friend, until they arenít
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Re: Google Local Services Vs. Other Lead Sites

Invest in your on SEO and over time you will begin to rank on page 1.
We offer water damage restoration and do well with google organically.


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