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Email Marketing

Does Anybody Do Email Marketing Such As Bulk Mailing To A Specific Zip Code?

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Re: Email Marketing




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Re: Email Marketing

Over a year ago I worked for a company that tried to SPAM mail every architect and engineer by joining the AIA, I think they sent out over 800 email introductions....not one response
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Re: Email Marketing

Seems that life is hard enough without trying to make enemies of potential customers AND putting a bullseye on your back.
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Re: Email Marketing

I remember reading an article about one year ago about Kayak Pools setting up an e-mail marketing blast about this.

They did not just use their existing data-base for contacting potential customers. Supposedly, it increased their call in rate tremendously.

I think I can find the article that referred to that marketing program.

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Re: Email Marketing

spamming 800 emails in this business, unless you're pretty ingenious, isn't going to get you far. spamming 800,00 for canadian pharmacy, that's a little more forgiving. plus your ISP can and may just cut you off and add you to the blacklist.
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Re: Email Marketing

Here is an excerpt from the article about Kayak Pools e-mail marketing program and the results.


So Kayak Pools began experimenting with online advertising and made email marketing a large component. It worked with Neighborhood E-mail, an email marketing firm, to come up with a campaign.
It's easier to show you the creative than describe it, so please take a moment to look at the HTML offer. Neighborhood E-mail chose opt-in rented lists from nearly 100 different list brokers. The lists were segmented by Zip code/neighborhood (suburban Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Indianapolis); home ownership and income level. Kayak Pools sent the offer to 800,000 recipients starting in March. They dropped about 150,000 emails at a time, with six drops occurring every other week.
  1. Mike Klein, president of Kayak Pools, says despite the fact industry sales are down overall, this was his best year ever. He notes his company has expanded into new territories, but that isn't enough to explain the surge in sales. He attributes the increase to online (primarily email) marketing. The company says 65 percent of sales this summer are directly attributable to online marketing.
  2. As Kayak Pools used many different lists, overlap was likely. There was the possibility some consumers could receive up to six copies of the same message. I asked about the risk of spam backlash. Neighborhood E-mail's Neil Berman says it's likely most consumers got the message only once. As the message was sent over a period of months, list churn helped eliminate the risk. Anecdotal evidence says consumers didn't complain about spam. He believes receiving the message more than once would reinforce Kayak Pool's brand and offer.
  3. The company saw a 7 percent open rate and 4 percent CTR on opened emails. I'm curious how this compares to other rented lists; I believe email marketers are seeing a drop in response rates across all industries, but have no data to back this up. Please let me know if you have data you'd like to share.
  4. The call-to-action was a phone call. I'd like to delve into this a bit. Kayak Pools prefers consumers call rather than fill out an online form. They believe users may not complete an online form, and contact with a real person who can engage a potential customer is more effective. It's a persuasive argument. One suggestion would be for the company use a separate phone number to track response, not the same one used for all campaigns, online and off-.
If conventional wisdom says email marketing won't work for your company, perhaps you should instead heed Kayak Pools' lesson."
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Re: Email Marketing

All of our email accounts have excellent spam guards, so I never see spam.

But maybe everyone doesn't have spam protection?
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Re: Email Marketing

I kill spammers, in another life, I am

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Re: Email Marketing

Email marketing can cost you big bucks, esp like the company mentioned by Ed. 800k of emails is a pretty steep cost.

There are however other ways to build an email list. Have a news letter about your trade with tip, tricks, suggestions that your site visitors can subscribe to is a great way to keep your name in front of them. Giving members the ability to forward your newsletter to other people they know can help to produce a viral effect also.

The hard part is writing a well thought out newsletter or series of how to's.
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Re: Email Marketing

Spam definitely sucks, both for the person receiving it and those companies trying to send legitimate newsletters to their clients.

CHRISH, the best thing for you to do would to begin building an email list using your existing customer base. It will take more time but it will be well worth the extra effort.

Definitely make it Opt-In, preferably a double opt-in method (i.e. they fill out a form on your website, and receive an email where they have to click a confirmation link in that message).

Some email marketing programs for you to consider:
  • Constant Contact - its easy to set up and integrate into your website for a low monthly cost of $15. Plus they'll go through the hassle of weeding out bad email addresses, leaving you time to focus on writing GOOD CONTENT and other business issues.
  • PHPlist - this is my personal favorite (because its opensource=FREE) but it requires significantly more work to set up and maintain. I also mention this program because it has the ability to segment your subscribers based on any attribute you select. In your case, its possible send a message to people within a specific zip code(s).

    Hope the above information helps. I would have included the links, but I have not reached 15 posts yet, just Google "Constant Contact" or "PHPlist" and you'll get their websites.

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Re: Email Marketing

Thats a NO NO
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Re: Email Marketing

Has anyone ever used, I inquired about a list of new home buyers in my area for the last 6 mos. They came up with a # of 3000 addresses, they want $300.00 for a one time mailing and will give me stats on what was returned undelivered, read or marked as junk. Sounds fishy

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Re: Email Marketing

What about emailing past/repeat clients? Any luck with this? We have started keeping a database of past clients email's, but havent sent anything out to them yet. What would be a good email format to send out to past clients that would be less like "spam"?

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Re: Email Marketing

don't email people you do not will get 0 results.
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Re: Email Marketing

There's a huge difference between 'spamming' and email marketing. Use your current database to your advantage. Email marketing is cheap and effective and if your past customers don't have a monthly email from you yet, you're losing out. Try a newsletter format our a coupon now and then. Make sure you're giving your readers incite into something they don't already know. Use an email marketing service like Constant Contact or Listrak. You can easily import your database and create email templates. Good luck!
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Re: Email Marketing

Six years late. Good work

Originally Posted by flashheatingand View Post
Don't get me wrong, I like to read as much as the next guy, but, not on the first date.
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Re: Email Marketing

I find it totaly unbearable that we can receive all kinds of "stuff" in the US postal mail, but to send out any ads, on the internet is somehow dirty, bad, spam, whatever.

The only difference between the 2 is the post office makes money.

Best way is to put up a site, chat all day, people will find you. So what about the people that find me that I didn't want to be found by would that be reverse spam?

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Re: Email Marketing

Mass email & mass snail mail have the same result IMO. If snail mail worked don't you think the postal service would still be working on Saturdays?
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Re: Email Marketing

Mis management and letting other companies steal the parcel post business and thrive like UPS and Fed Ex is the only reason they have a deficit. There is no accounbtability in the US Gov. None


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