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Can I Close The File Working Together?

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Can I Close The File Working Together?

Many contractors are afraid to ask for a prospect to commit (for fear of losing a potential customer). Many will just keep following up (to show they are responsible). That is great!

But what about when the prospect doesn't reciprocate at all? We all know that feeling when we start to say "What the heck is going on with this person who told me how important the project is?". Whether we admit it or not, the prospect is most likely not valuing you as much as they did when you first made contact.

Happens to MyOnlineToolbox too. So after a few calls and a few emails, all we do is make a final attempt by saying "Should we respectfully close the file on our relationship?" We then remind them we have followed up professionally but now need to know when the effort will be reciprocated or not.

Sometimes we get aggressive replies (by those who are just coming up with excuses and were not going to work with us anyways), some are very polite and tell us a valid reason why they are not going to start now. There are those who just do not reply and then we simply Close The File and forget about them since we do not want to have a relationship with those folk. And then there are those who just commit right now since they needed the nudge.

If you have done all your marketing and follow ups to a prospect, there is no reason to sit on Hope Island for a customer to commit. If you have done all you can do, do not waste your time forever, and just simply ask if you can respectfully close the file. Stay focused on what matters and not dreaming on what could happen.

I am sure some have a different spin on this, but asking if it is OK to politely say Good Bye is a good tactic too. Don't just keep thinking about a prospect for too long or you will lose focus on what is important. Hope this helps.
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Re: Can I Close The File Working Together?

Interesting take...

In our case, they get one follow-up (professional) and if no joy (because we've already tried to close them when they're the hottest on the first night), the follow-up is with a request about if we should continue to follow-up or not, and if so, when... otherwise, we let them know that as we discussed in our meeting, we respect peoples time and leave the ball in their court... If they're still considering proposals, and you're one of them, they'll keep you on the hook... if not, they'll let you know by saying something along the lines of "let me get back to YOU" or "we're just not ready yet", etc... either way, not really much point in pursuing it, as it can come across as a desperate contractor who NEEDS the business...

If they really want you after that point, they'll contact you regardless...

The way "Can I close the file working together" reads is like YOU'RE taking control and closing the door (een though that's not the intent) on a relationship as opposed to leaving an open door... may come across as antagonistic to some...


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Re: Can I Close The File Working Together?

When I send an estimate, I have a series of templates for the email format.

If I am not getting responses to follow up attempts, I send the estimate one last time with my "Estimate Expired" Template.

This informs them in the header that the proposal is expired, and then, within the subject of the email it includes directions on what to do if they need to re-visit.

I think some people just like to get chased, or are waiting patiently until they get the "desperation discount".
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Re: Can I Close The File Working Together?

We call this technique "go for NO". When I have a prospect that hasn't been returning calls, I'll leave a polite message or two, then the next follow up I will leave a message to the effect .......

"Hello Mr prospect, I'm following up one more time and since you are not returning my calls I assume that you are not interested in doing business with us. No problem, I am going to close out your file and fill our schedule with another client that needs our services. Feel free to call anytime you think we can help you."

The same thing can be done in person or on a call with the clients if they just keep putting you off.

"I understand you have a lot of things going on and it doesn't appear at this point that working with us is too important to you, so I will take this as a NO, close out your file and move on to another client."

At this point you will either find out that you are right and they aren't going to work with you, or they will quickly respond, explain why they have been delayed and you will soon know if you have a legitimate live prospect.

Going for NO makes you look different than your competitors, and shows a position of strength that you can live without their business. If they are going to do business with you, they are going to have to maintain communication.
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