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Branching Out

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Licensed Gas contractor
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Branching Out

Now that the weather is pretty much warm all over, the pool heater business is slowing down and I need to consider a filler for the summer. Since I do gas pool heaters I figured home water heaters would be a great fit. My gas license allows me to work on any gas appliance, water heaters fit into this category. I'm sure plumbers don't see it that way but the state does.

So if I add regular and tankless water heaters to my business, would it be a good idea to create a entirely new web site just for that or just add to my existing and then say do a Google ad-words campaign for the new part of the business? What would be better? I know cost wise it would be better to just add another page to my web site for the water heaters.
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Re: Branching Out

Cost wise, yes it would be better to add another page to your website and based on your current website, I think water heating services could fit into the theme of your website.

Create a new adwords campaign with new ad groups and drive visitors to your new water heating services landing page.


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Re: Branching Out

I might consider doing a seperate website. This way you can target the keywords to that specific thing. The only downside would be needing to promote more than one website.
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Re: Branching Out

Since your design was created to visually reinforce "pool services" I would favor a new design. The strongest way to do that is a new site so visitors don't have to sort through a dual focused site.

It could also be done as a subdomain (e.g. which would piggyback on any ranking strength you have with your current site while keeping the two separated.
Steve Chittenden
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Re: Branching Out

Just my honest opinion, do a stand alone site.
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Re: Branching Out

I also agree that having 2 sites for each specialty is the way to go. Just make sure each site has a link to the next.

IPE Decking materials
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Re: Branching Out

I disagree, you can create a new section on your existing site for this and optimise it so that you attract relevant traffic for your new service. You can change the template of this page so it is relevant and doesn't focus on the pool side of things.

A new site will be costly and is only worthwhile if you can expand the new site further into new services in the future.


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