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Basic Marketing

I guess this is a bit of a rant, I am a little bit dissappointed by what I see in the service aspect in the tool stores. (not talking about the big boxes, that's self evident)

As a carpenter I need to buy some olfa blades now and then, I use the 1" wide ones. I know that my "local" tool store (20 min drive) carrys them, so I go there- last Feb they were out of stock. Huh? $20 for a pack of 20 blades? they are out?

Ok, I get some from another store. Here we go again, couple of weeks ago I need some more, so back I go as I wanted to look at bosch routers at the same time. Out again!!!! WTF? this should be of of those basic things that they make an obscene profit on, and have lots in stock. nope.

Ok, so bosch colt? we might have one upstairs, the price is (high) ok, there isn't one on the shelf so I can't see what's included. Seems that depending upon where you go some "kits" include 3 bases and a guide, and other kits include just a guide.

hmmmm ok, I gave up because I wanted to see it!

On my way out of the store I stopped at the cash register to get a couple of tubes of Bondo hardener. Nope, can't sell you any. Huh? only if you buy the can! but I only need the hardener. Nope, we're out of the extra's. Ok then, I go over to the drill bit section, as I want to get a cheapo set of small drill bits - you know the ones, 1/16" to 1/2". They break/get lost all the time so every couple of years I just get a new set.

I found them, but no price tag. I am kinda bummed out by this point, so I quietly leave the store and go somewhere else. Long drive to the next store (1/2 hr) but they had the drill bits priced, and I got to see the bosch colt kit, although the one that they had was a stripped down version, just the edge guide. Same part number - ? oy.

On the way home I stopped at the big box store, they had an empty space on the shelf for the bondo kicker, computer said they had 12. ya. got some other things.

Finally I ended up at an auto parts store close to home, and they have the hardener! small tubes, big tubes, and ton's of them. And a good price too. (Doh!) I should have started there.

I remember as a kid working in my dads lumber yard, if someone wanted something, part of a kit, or a package - done! 1/2 the battle is getting folks out of their cars and into your store, don't ever let them leaved pis$ed off empty handed. Prices were high, but you didn't waste your time driving around trying to find items.

Maybe that's a marketing principle from a by-gone era? I know that the "just in time" inventory management system has been popular for several years now, but if you don't have knowledgeable people in charge, with the authority to over-ride some computer program it just plain fails.

I am not saying to ignore your budgets, I am saying service your customers! if that means selling a tube of bondo kicker that belongs to a can, then do it! (they had a basket full of them) and re-order later on. Control the spending yes, but keep focus'd on the profit makers, and don't let guys like me leave the store without spending any money.

Why else are you there? to make money! and I came in to spend money! you failed.

I got my blades at a smaller big box store close to home, (Rona) cost me $22 bucks but I have them for work next week. I also got my bondo hardener at the Lordco auto parts store, also close to home.

Gotta think, why should I drive back to the tool store? waste of time so far. It didn't used to be that way, but it sure is now.

Rant over
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Re: Basic Marketing

I try and support the smaller, local stores but I agree with you. There are a couple near me that I go to and far too often they are out of things that I would assume a store catering to contractors would have. Compound, blades, even garbage bags. Its hard not to go to the big box stores first. At least I know they will have what I need.


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Re: Basic Marketing

And, in one full swoop
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