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Another Canvassing Question - Distribution

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Another Canvassing Question - Distribution

I'm ramping up different marketing campaigns this year and next and foremost on the list is a solidly managed and well thought out canvassing campaign. Now, based on the many threads and conversations I've read just on CT alone, the general consensus is that you need to pay a decent hourly wage/salary, have a good bonus system in place to retain the top talent and provide correct incentives, and really keep at it day in and day out.

Now, my question is in regards to distribution. I know some of the bigger companies that have a full-time operation may have a hand full of canvassers out in the field at one time, but what about the smaller companies that can only afford to keep maybe one or two out there? Will we be able to hit up enough people to make it worthwhile? I guess the real issue for us is trying to decide how much of our annual budget to put towards a full scale operation. Having never done this on any real scale (other than neighborhood awareness around a jobsite), I'm reluctant to commit too much to it, but at the same time, I want to commit enough to give it a realistic chance of success. Does anyone have historic information on your rate of success for landing appointments and/or sales? I'm sure it's going to vary quite a bit for different reasons (area, experience, product being sold, etc.), but it would be interesting to know.

Another question worth asking is about timing of the visits. What I was considering was to do an initial door hanger drop during the day in an attempt to "warm" them up, and then follow up in the evenings and/or weekend after that to try and set up appointments. Does anyone try to visit with people during the day? Is it worth the "warm up" or should I just go in cold?

Alright, I think that's it for now. After reading over the post it seems to wander a bit , but I think it's worth discussing as is. Thanks!
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Re: Another Canvassing Question - Distribution

I have done canvassing before and it does work, as long as the leads are qualified. In order to hit a lot of houses you have to see a lot of houses. Your best bet is to do it from 3p-7/8pm, when most of the decision makers are home. If no one is home you can then leave a door hanger, but during that time frame you should be able to talk to atleast 70-80% of the homeowners. I would usually get 1 lead for every 25-30 people I talked to.

As far as pay goes, you can do an hourly with commission or you can try straight commission, both have their pros and cons. For commission only we did $25-$50 for a qualified lead (someone looking to do the project this year) and then if you want you can even give a small commission if the job sells (might provide more incentive).

Hope this helps


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Re: Another Canvassing Question - Distribution

If you want to talk to homeowners then maybe a Saturday mid day would be best. If you do it during the week in the evening people may have just gotten home from work , had a long drive, or even a bad day and your welcome might not as warm from them.

Food for thought.
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