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Window Question

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Window Question

Hi, I have been out of the loop a while, moved to europe.
The last house I built, I stumbled across some very fine windows and a door, by a brand I had been unfamiliar with, whose name I now forget.
It seemed to be a manufacturer catering to the rich, and if I recall, was based in canada.
Does this ring a bell with anyone?
I'm building a house over here now and wondered if they do any business over here, but need a name! I have no clue about any german brands, and don't really want to do the research if I can just land some of these guys again. They were fantastic!

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Eater of sins.
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Re: Window Question

Yes, I think the brand you are referring to is a Canadian Native American brand by the name Howduweeno.

Look them up.



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Re: Window Question

Nay, I'd have noticed something odd like that.
I see one called windsor, but their website isn't functioning. Rings a bell..
Thanks for trying!
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Re: Window Question

Loewen Windows and Doors
I'd love to replace all the dumbness in this room but the budget is tight and the stupidity is plentiful!

Easy Gibson
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Re: Window Question

Yes, that's it, muchas gracias!! Now, let's see if they're over the ocean at all!
...Nope, dang.
I'll have to find some german Technik I guess.

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Re: Window Question

want us to find some for you?
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Re: Window Question

Sure, if you have some good method. I can google all day, but that doesn't really tell me what's really good. There's so much bs out there. Pella #1, blah blah. Garbage.
My german isn't good enough to hit forums without getting a headache.
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Re: Window Question

I've heard the German brand Veld Yein is really good.

Heinerson is a close second.
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Re: Window Question

Any Nation that had the US 8th air force wing bombing it in the day time, and the Brits sneaking in at night might have a few additional specs for windows, residential or commercial... Then of course there the layers of Eco-Nutter regulations regarding size and U values...

Why not go to a local seller???

Don't forget the E U regs ON TOP of the German ones, enjoy the Uber Nanny State.

Make sure your customer can afford you after paying his light bills, the highest in the "free" world.

You need to hire a retired/underemployed Native that speaks English and German to assist you dealing with the local supply chain.

As a one and done customer/employer don't expect first rate service of ANY kind from any local.

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Re: Window Question

IMHO,the two best windows in the U.S. are Zeluck and Heartwood.


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