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RRP & Mortgage??

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RRP & Mortgage??

At my RRP training class last week, an interesting question came up. Assume the house is pre-1978, and assume you, as a Certified Renovator, had a positive lead test AND the homeowner (who say just bought the house) has an FHA mortgage. (Not unrealistic, since an FHA is about all you can get today). Since an FHA mortgage is issued thru HUD, do you have to comply with the HUD RRP guidelines? Instructor said he's not teaching business practices, but when was the last time you heard of a government agency saying they DID NOT have jurisdiction? In an abundance of caution, do we now have to ask who the HO has a mortgage with????
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Capra aegagrus

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Re: RRP & Mortgage??

Are you contracting with FHA/HUD, or the HO?

If solely with the HO, there is no reason for you to suspect and investigate further. This is one of those things I've just decided to coin a term for: "Pointless Anality Question".


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Re: RRP & Mortgage??

“The Lead Safe Housing Rule applies to all target housing that is federally owned and target housing receiving Federal assistance”

can one say Federally backed loans???
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Re: RRP & Mortgage??

It doesn't matter if you do testing or not (in fact a CR can't do testing in a LSHR) ... all housing receiving federal assistance must comply with the LSHR. This would include HUD, VA, FHA, Fannie, Freddie ... even TARP funds.

In the past, FHA was about 30% of the homes. Most likely 50% of the jobs you do on pre 78, would be LSHR.

Recently, almost 90% of homes bought are federally assisted.
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Re: RRP & Mortgage??

Just wanted to add, that there is a ray of sunshine with the LSHR. Many CFs complain that the homeowner should also be held accountable. With the LSHR ...

1. The responsibilities are shifted from the renovator to the designated party under LSHR.

2. With federally assisted mortgage ... the designated party is the property owner (homeowner).

So, they are forced to use a CF.

In the book used for CR training, Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair and Painting ... you can go to Appendix 2 to learn more.
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