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What Is A Framing Laborer Worth? Hourly Wage

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Re: What Is A Framing Laborer Worth? Hourly Wage

I haven't had an an employee ask for a raise in years, I give them before it gets to that. I try to be generous. It's my belief I probably need them as much as they need me. The last thing I want is a guy that sticks around because he's making just enough. I'd rather pay him more and have him happy. Happy employees make loyal employees. Loyalty is a big deal to me.

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Re: What Is A Framing Laborer Worth? Hourly Wage

FICA taxes make it rough on any employer paying north of $20. He's paying 7.5% of whatever you are making plus his comp audits and everything else. This is why many employees hit a ceiling and decide to go into business for themselves only to find out their FICA is now 15.3%
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Re: What Is A Framing Laborer Worth? Hourly Wage

And the boogeyman goes booh.

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Re: What Is A Framing Laborer Worth? Hourly Wage

You could follow the "boom"s as boomer, though the extra pay usually goes to motels and beer, and fixing the truck, Many people get in trouble away from their social circles...

Read, books about construction, books about small group management, books about state and US taxes, learn how your state workman's comp and unemployment schemes work and were supposed to work.....

Make sure you actually have unemployment and workman's, and that its up date. Without causing a ruckus.

Keep a daily work diary, with location, legal addresses and hours work at each if you have file lien's on the buildings you labored on.
but mostly to show how your volume,& abilities & skill sets are growing? Keep your pay stubs

Dress for success, avoid to much skin art and Zero skin piercings at work for your own survival, think studded junior,ear, nose, etc... caught in something when you fall..... Brimmed hat or hard hat

Quality boots and pants will pay, knee pads? Good rain gear, rubber boots, quality multiple thin layers of winter gear pays. safety glasses start to stop. Wear ear plugs and or mickey mouse covers all-day around hammers and air tools.

Bring TAP water filled water jug every day for yourself, and pack a from scratch lunch/ snacks, you''ll much have more spending $ than if you eat out and drink bottled waters, drive by the convenience stores.

OSHA cards, Forklift "license" would pay next lay off....
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Re: What Is A Framing Laborer Worth? Hourly Wage

Originally Posted by laboreroftheyr View Post
I could make more at McDonald's,
I don't know about Chicagoland area, but here, a person working at McDonalds for 4 months, would make minimum wage.
Might make a little more if they had experience at Burger King, before going to McDonalds, but I doubt it would be much.

So are you saying you are making minimum wage?

There's nothing wrong with wanting to make more money. With the experience you describe (laborer for a door and window company) you would probably start at about $10 per hour. If you actually had the skills you said, then you would be up to $12 within a couple months. If you made it this year, assuming you show up on time, clean cut, all those important things, then I think you would be around $15 per hour by the end of the year.

Keep in mind, this is a different area and I may be an employer with a different outlook. I will pay a little more for a quality person with less skill.
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Re: What Is A Framing Laborer Worth? Hourly Wage

N.W. Indiana is notoriously behind in pay scales in just about any field of work,construction,police,fireman,teacher,nurse etc.etc. You say your in N.W.Indiana,where about ? If you are anywhere close to the Illinois border,head there. If you truly are making McDonald's wages,I can almost guarantee your pay will come close to doubling .

The trade off is more travel time and expenses,but many,many people in just about any line of work know that and realize the benefits out way the cons. Run Forrest,run !
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Re: What Is A Framing Laborer Worth? Hourly Wage

If you don’t have aspirations of going into business for yourself one day, I would say to go commercial. I worked my way up to Superintendent for a medium size commercial firm in Indiana and enjoy pretty much every bit of it.

I’m 34, worked residential until I was 28, then took a job doing commercial work; mainly retail buildouts. It involved traveling. Having a young child at home, it got old after a year of it.

Took that experience and got a job with a local commercial GC (who doesn’t work more then a 1-1.5 hr radius around me).

Been with them for 4 years now. Work slows down, I know plenty of GCs (resi) in my area that could use a good hand on a short term basis.

I don’t know the market in NW Indy, but in South Central IN, things have been good and the faucet has been on for years now if you catch my drift.

Good luck.

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