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Visitor's Site See'er Etc

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Old 08-06-2010, 08:27 PM   #1
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Visitor's Site See'er Etc

So some of you guys know I am working on a big long term residential project. It has got a lot of media atention. We are getting about 3 visitors a day and am haveing trouble keeping them out of the house. Today alone we had 17 workers on site.

I have signs up no trespassing. Then at the entrances to the house I have EMPLOYEES ONLY. People don't seam to care or pay attention to the signs. I can't close the entrance drive way because it is also a working vinyard where people are welcome to rome through the grapes.

What can I do to keep people out while we are working? When not there we just lock the doors.

The boss of awesome

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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

You may want to consider temporary fencing around the area, or at least enough of it to block all the obvious pathways. If you can't keep them out, tell the owners that they need to either post someone to keep visitors out OR you'll shut the job down until they can provide jobsite security. The security of the site is not only for the visitors safetu, it's to protect the workers and the owners from lawsuits by these same mental midgets that can't can't read.


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The Duke
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

Who's running the show? It's up to the person running the show to keep them out. My insurance agent says it is a liability to have "visitors" and the insurance covers only me in a work environment. All bets are off if a "visitor" gets hurt. You need to make things very clear to whoever is in charge.
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

Put up a sign,

Tours $50
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

If anything were to happen and you did not have physical barriers up to bar (not hinder) access, it would be your ass. It is your responsibility to secure your jobsite, and if the owner does not agree with your method, a written waiver will STILL not protect you.
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

hire a sniper, they will eventually get the message.

I think the temp. fence is your best bet.
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

If the job site is already open to the public, as in Vineyard, you may have to hire a security guard to keep the lookey loos out. I say you because the owner will probably balk, but to protect your butt & keep your insurance policy intact it may be the only solution. Turn it into a PR thing. Have a large sign made explaining the nature of the project, ins. requirements, public & workers safety etc. You should already have a temp fence around the job. Your ins policy may require it. Good Luck.

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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

i am working on a major project at our citys zoo, the GC has put up a full fence compund and put a auto gate on it with a key pad to open the gate.

in the city i have worked on high rise jobs where the site is fenced and the enter gate has a keypad lock and a guard on the truck gate.
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

I am the GC and know about the liability issues otherwise I wouldn't be asking how to keep people out.

The sign idea is good, to have something for them to focus on. With the scope of the work and final drawing etc.

Will try a couple gate baracades at some entrances if that doesn't work a fence will be the only solution.

The boss of awesome
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Grand Rapids Remodeling
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

I'd think about having the owner sign a amendment to the contract saying something like, "anyone not employed by the vineyard and authorized construction personal entering the area is the responsibility of the owner and GC has no responsibility as to the safety of unauthorized persons". "All liability of unauthorized persons in the work area is the owners responsibility."

Pretty rough, I know but I think your best bet is to have the owner take on the problem (and responsibility) and let you deal with what you were hired to do.

Maybe have your insurance guy/gal draw up something for the owners to sign. Just CYA.

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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

The public does not read signs...or at least they don't comprehend.

We've had occasions where you turn around and there's some old retired guy chatting with one of the subs telling how he used to work for the union..... blah blah blah.

Fence or lock the doors.
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

Originally Posted by blackbear View Post
hire a sniper, they will eventually get the message.
Once the first one drops the rest will retreat.

Is the house open to the public, or are they getting off track and just wondering into your site? A big 24"x36" sign with red letters.


Inform the owner that this has become more than just an inconvenience it's now a hazard and what if someone sued him or you. When you mention the word "Lawsiut" they'll wake up.
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LRG WoodCrafting

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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

Trespassers will be fined $1000 and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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Originally Posted by HusqyPro View Post
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

Electric fence?
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

Bear traps?
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

They are just getting off track and wondering in. It is NOT open to the public, it will be the vineyard owners house. So it will never be a public area.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The boss of awesome
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Project Superintendent
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

Land Mines
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

Originally Posted by Aframe View Post
Put up a sign,

Tours $50

What he said.
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

While I enjoyed the more humorous suggestions, I think your best bet is a fence. There are fence rental companies that will come out and have it up pronto.
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Re: Visitor's Site See'er Etc

[quote=blackbear;983035]hire a sniper, they will eventually get the message. The first one is an accident then its illegal.


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