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Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

If it's 100* outside...I'm simply not working in it.
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

I wear lite weight t shirts have arctic cools I soak down for neck and head and wear utility kilt or shorts and eat lite we have water and powerade but monitor intake as too much can screw your day up in a hurry . we get heavy parts of jobs done in early morning when still cool. Here lately Denver is akin to Seattle with all this rain
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

We often work in the desert and in the tropics, so keeping as cool as possible is important.

We have special Gortex like long sleeve shirts that keep moisture wicking away so you stay cool. They are around $80 each.

I also wear military desert BDU's that keep your legs cools and full brim hard hats and neck covers (if necessary)

Lots of water, Gatorade and sunscreen. Gatorade is important for electrolyte replacement through sweating.

Plus scheduled breaks in the shade.
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

Just be thankful it's not -40 outside.
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

I remember a few years as an employee when I was working for my old boss. It was right in the middle of a time where it was our busiest time of year and my boss literally could not find anyone to hire. During this time, it was just the two of us. We both worked hard and long to keep up with the work, and looking back, cranked out a pretty incredible pace. Speed wise we beat a couple of five man crews on comparable houses, with our quality crushing theirs.

During this time, we both developed a huge appreciation for each other's work ethic. The boss would hump sheets if need be, and I worked many days with him long past quitting time. We kind of fed off each other and it turned into this game of "how much more can we get done than two guys should be able to do?" In some ways, it also sparked a bit of competitiveness between us.

To the point, one day it was absolutely beyond boiling. I was hurting and could tell my boss (who wasn't quite as physically well conditioned as me) was hurting too. He kept asking me if I was too hot and wanted to pack it in. Me being competitive and never wanting to be the one to quit, I kept saying "no." Eventually it became obvious that my boss was asking because he wanted to call it a day, but didn't want to be the quitter.

Finally, my boss was walking across the floor and tried to step over a preassembled 2x10 header, but was too disoriented to gage the height, tripped over it, and fell. Then he called it a day.

In hindsight, it was very stupid on both our parts. Extreme heat poses a serious health risk, and it's way more important to do the smart thing than to get caught up in some unsaid macho pissing contest.

Looking back though, that period was by far my favourite time as an employee. I learned so much being able to work alongside my that boss and having him trust me with responsibilities beyond typical of someone of my experience level. Clearly it worked out for him too. He once told me that he never made as much money as he did when it was just the two of us working.

Makes me wish things didn't end between the two of us on such a sour note.
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

Originally Posted by brickhook View Post
6 years ago, I got to hot and started throwing up. That evening I went home, took a shower and went to bed, freezing. I don't exactly know what a heat stroke is or what happened to me that day, but I know I messed up.

It took awhile before I felt 100%
That's heat stroke. Apparently, the more it happens to you, the more sensitive you are to it. I try to play it safe now. Last year and the year before I found myself working when it was mid 90's with 90%+ humidity and no breeze. Start early, stop early and remind the customer that the work doesn't get done if you die.
Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

Sometimes I'll drive from lunch back to the job with the windows up and the air off so when I get out then it feels pretty good outside. Works great for me
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

It gets to be 90 here a couple times a year. Work inside and tough it out. Haha
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CarpenterSFO (06-07-2015)
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

I think Power aid is way better than Gatorade. Isn't Gatorade just sugar water?

Tomorrow I have about 12 hours of brush hogging to do. Open field running the tractor all day. I'll take my full brim hat, spray sunscreen and a crap load of Power aids and waters. It is by the river so there may be a few dunking tomorrow. Supposed to be over 90. To freakin' early in the season for that.
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

Originally Posted by VinylHanger View Post
Isn't Gatorade just sugar water?
So is Powerade
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

I mix gatorade or powerade 50/50 with water. That much sugar gives me cottonmouth when it's hot out. I buy the sugar free kind when they're on sale but that's probably going to give me cancer.
Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

I have discovered the greatness of long sleeve fishing style shirts. At first I didn't like the feel of the nylon fabric but being able to dry back out in 15 min or less has won me over for summer work. Along with BDU nylon blended pants. All in light colors. Add a wide brim hat and I'm good to go. I will try to chase the shade as much as possible or even setup shade if I'll be in one spot.
Drink plenty of water and I have found coconut water to refresh me better the gator aid or power aid.
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

Originally Posted by brickhook View Post
We start at daylight and work straight through without lunch so we can get at least 8 before it gets so dang hot you cant stand it. If it isn't to awful hot we work longer hours.

John; we do the same thing,start as early as possible,if it gets to darn hot,we will knock off even if we are shy of 8 hrs.
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

Keep the truck at 68
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MDjim (06-07-2015)
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

Originally Posted by Seven-Delta-FortyOne View Post
Live and work along the Northern California coast. Works for me.
Or work in San Francisco, where the temperature is a steady 55 F, practically 24 hours a day, from May to September. Winters can be brutal, though - in December we'll have some 80 degree days.
- Bob
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

We just make sure to schedule all our lakefront jobs for the hottest months

Nice refreshing swim at lunchtime and all set for the afternoon
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

Short of having a swimming pool nearby sticking my head under the faucet or waterhose is the best way to cool down. Nothing better than a good pool deck job in mid summer, drop the bags & dive in, good to go another hour or so in 100 degree heat. Sometimes I'll just dunk my whole head in, pull out & let all the water run down.
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

Working outside in the heat can be pretty tough. As much as I like to think I've acclimated to it over the years it still drains me pretty good, as we do get a good month or longer of 85-95 degree/80-95% humidity, sometimes into the high 90's and very rarely into the low 100's. If there's anything that casts shade we'll obviously try to do as much of our work as we can breaking things up and moving around as the sun moves.

If there isn't any shade I usually try to break from the sun for 5-10 minutes once an hour or so, drink down some water and/or some Gatorade, and try my best to avoid caffeine later in the day, although sometimes it's draining enough that you've got no choice but to send someone on an iced coffee run mid-way through the afternoon.

If I'm stuck inside a hot/humid home or apartment I just shut up and take it, there's nothing I can do but try to cut out after 8 hours of sweating buckets.

After work on the really hot days I have my own little cocktail I like to make in my 50oz water bottle:

-Fill halfway with water
-Add a lot of powdered coconut water (like twice the recommended amount for a 50oz serving), shake to blend really well.
-A few healthy squirts of Nellie and Joe's Famous Key Lime Juice (in the baking aisle; no extra sugars or other nonsense added, also very handy to have in the refrigerator for cocktails).
-If I have lemons on hand I cut one up and squeeze as I toss them in.
-Fill to top with club soda. The carbonation helps shuttle things through to the bloodstream a bit faster, tastes good and the club soda has some added sodium.

Usually drink this down within a half hour of getting home and it's refreshing enough that I get a big second wind, even after baking in the sun for 10-12 hours at a time. Helps make dinner and some chores less excruciating, and usually gives me enough energy to drive to the beach and go for a swim or run out and grab a cocktail with some friends, either of which make summer seem less daunting and a lot more enjoyable. Last summer we painted/stained a half-dozen lake front cottages, being able to jump in the lake two or three times a day really beat the heat, but that's not the case this year.
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

An ice cube up the rear end, every hour. Lol
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Re: Tips For Staying Cool On The Jobsite?

I use lots of water and G2 gatorade, less sugar.

Last year I had a huge deck job during the hotest parts of the year, it was around a swimming pool, so I would dunk my head every 30 minutes of so. I also bought that cooling wrap thing from Lowes, dip in water, and snap it and it cools for 20 minutes or so. It works very well and can be worn several ways.

I put up several large sun shades to help too. I never use the truck AC to job or lunch when it's hot, makes it worse when you get out and have to work in it.

Apparently there is a way to make a mister by a fan an its suppose to make it 20 to 30 degrees cooler. I am going to work on that this year I think.


I know I'm crazy...I love concrete
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