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K2 11-06-2006 12:02 AM

Timeless designs.
Along with the other thread I put under masonry I would like to add this about home designs. Of all the houses we did I would consider a few of the designs to be "timeless" meaning that when you look at the home you can't tell if it was built in the 1990's or the 1890's. Tudor's and a few other styles seem to be able to fit in the modern era but don't look dated in 20 years. These designs are the ones I like the best.

On the same subject i hate when guys do infills with a modern design in a subdivision where all the rest of the homes are of a certain period.

Teetorbilt 11-06-2006 12:10 AM

Do you mean something like the 'ranch' style? How about Victorian?

K2 11-06-2006 12:17 AM


Originally Posted by Teetorbilt (Post 151895)
Do you mean something like the 'ranch' style? How about Victorian?

To me a ranch is box and a Victorian is dated even if it is new.

Teetorbilt 11-06-2006 12:36 AM

This is all a matter of perception.

Tudor goes back to 'ye merrie olde England' and beyond the Tudor years.

Ranch can be American or African. While attrubited to the US '50's, it is a popular style that has been built around the world for eons.

Victorian is associated with the rise of the British empire and can be found from Cape Cod to Bombay.

What were you looking for?

copusbuilder 11-06-2006 08:58 AM


Originally Posted by Rob 53 (Post 151899)
To me a ranch is box and a Victorian is dated even if it is new.

To me a ranch is boring but a Victorian is a classic:thumbsup: Somehow they do look better when they are older. Perhaps it is the old style workmanship and materials that make them special;)

Gordo 11-06-2006 10:57 AM

I like Craftsman style homes.

K2 11-06-2006 11:38 AM

In my area now the ranchers come in on wheels. I love victorians, but only in the areas from that period. I've seen victorians in the modern subdivisions and to me they look out of place.

Craftsman I like but don't get to see much of it. I think in my city that era had a bust economy so there was not much building going on.

Teetorbilt 11-06-2006 11:52 AM

I like the Spanish Missions, they're built like forts around here. Unfortunately, most are in the older, more rundown areas. They're about as hurricane proof as you can get.

Larry_PCA 11-06-2006 03:08 PM

My favorite is the farmhouse with a large porch, The more it wraps around the house the better. It will fit (as in not look out of place) in almost any neighborhood, less porch on smaller lots of course.

You get a nice look and can get master suite and 3 comfortable bedrooms upstairs in less than 3000 sq. ft (total - 1st and 2nd floors). The porches make it look larger than it is.

Get a nice pitch on the roof and you can get two more BR and a another full bath in the walkup attic. Not that you would want to cram that many people into that size house but I like the options you get.

K2 11-06-2006 04:29 PM


Larry_PCA My favorite is the farmhouse with a large porch,
Yes I one of my favorites too. And like you said it fits in anywhere.

I hate looking at houses where 2/3 of the front is garage. I guess they do it to fit everything on a smaller lot but i live in Colorado, land of the wide open spaces, make the flipping lots bigger. I see people put these "Garage with attached house" on five acre lots around here. Maybe it's my new glasses but to me they look like :censored:

Amp 11-07-2006 01:45 AM

I like some homes from the 50's that still look modern today. Vaulted ceilings, big windows, stone work, patios and built like bulls. I also like Craftsman but they are cookie cutter new builds in my area.

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