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SWAT Work Boots

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SWAT Work Boots

Is anyone wearing SWAT work boots with a steel toe?

I am thinking about getting a pair but I'm not sure if they are worth the price or if I am just paying for a name.

What says you guys?

I know wolverine work boots are spoken highly of here.

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Re: SWAT Work Boots

I used to be a fan of Wolverine, but the soles on my last pair detached after a short period of time. The rest of the boot still looks new. I found out the hard way the Wolverine offers NO warranty.

I have a pair of Redwings now.


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Re: SWAT Work Boots

I finally got sick of buying cheap boots every six months and bought a pair of wolverines online where I could get double wides. They are over two years old now and looking pretty good. There is one spot of loose stitching on each boot and I just broke a lace hook off of each boot but they are still working fine. I'll take them down to the leather repair shop down the street and I'm hoping to get another year out of them.

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Capra aegagrus

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Re: SWAT Work Boots

I generally get two years out of a pair of Wolverines. I consider that pretty reasonable.

Sure, there are other brands out there that last longer, but after two years of foot-crud accumulation, it's probably time to move on anyway.
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Re: SWAT Work Boots

In my opinion the "swat" boots are nothing special.

I prefer Thorogood. Made in USA.

Work boots get more wear and tear than swat boots ever see.

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Re: SWAT Work Boots

Keen is another good brand I'm told. I wear tennis shoes more than anything else these days.
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Re: SWAT Work Boots

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Re: SWAT Work Boots

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Re: SWAT Work Boots

Originally Posted by B.Johnson View Post

I have a pair of Redwings now.
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Re: SWAT Work Boots

If you feel like trashing a Cadillac on a work site, check these - firefighters use some great gear:

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Re: SWAT Work Boots

I use Timberland Pro Titan boots with the alloy toe. They are lightweight enough so I don't get tired after 8 to 10 hours. I also use an aftermarket leather toe cap on the boots, since it's the toe that wears out first.

So far so good, I have had these boots for two years and just now I have to replace the toe cap. Might get another year out of them. Once I got my size and model number down, I order them online.

I have about three pairs of real swat boots, from the old days. Ok for police work, not so good for construction. They just don't hold up that well, and, are a little too lightweight. Toes go real fast.
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Re: SWAT Work Boots

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Re: SWAT Work Boots

redwings, they stand behind their product if you have any trouble.. been wearing them almost 13 years
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Re: SWAT Work Boots

Redwings for sure. I've been wearing them for almost 10 years now. I have yet to have an issue with the boots outside of normal wear and tear. I really like their Redwing #411 pair. Unfortunately they are made in China. But they are by far the most comfortable pair I have ever owned.

I also have a pair of Redwing #608. Also very comfortable, and American made.
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Re: SWAT Work Boots

I used to do Redwing until I tried on a pair of Danners, I find it disappointing to take them off at the end of the day
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Re: SWAT Work Boots

Only pair I found that fit's my wide toe is Keens. Been wearing a pair for about 6 months, & it has helped my 15+ year foot gout issue dramatically. The thing that they do better than anyone else I've run across is the huge toe pocket. It's especially critical when you go to a steel toe.
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Re: SWAT Work Boots

i also go with keen.. ive been wearing keens since late 2012 and i wont wear anything else now.

i was going through boots every 4 or 5 months,, everything from dakotas.. cofras. dr marten industrials.. ive been getting anywhere from 10 -15 months out of my keens

keen also makes a few of their styles in all black, and are approved by corrections too. a buddy is a canadian border services agent and the keen detroit is on the list of approved boots
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Re: SWAT Work Boots

I like hiking shoes for work not sh*tkicker boots. Like Carolina's,Redwing,Wolverine.

Only because I get better traction with them. I think its because of my smaller frame at 5'10 150. Id rather know I can walk something and feel safe than wonder if the higher heel is gonna bone me. Because I don't have enough weight to put on it.
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Re: SWAT Work Boots

I am the opposite. I prefer extremely light to no tread on my boots. I find I get just as good traction as with a heavy tread pattern.

I like being able to clean of the bottoms easily. With a smooth sole I can use a margin trowel to scrape off any mud. If you have a heavy tread pattern I need to use a wire brush to get it out or use a hose.

This doesn't apply to everyone. I just don't like walking around with 3 day old mud constantly drying and falling out of the tread.


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