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Staying Cool During The Summer Heat

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Staying Cool During The Summer Heat

Ok maybe not cool but at least bearable. It was in the high 80's here this week and humid. While working in the heat doesn't really bother me, kind of a mind over matter thing for me and I just keep pushing all day. I do sweat a lot and on long days certain parts tend to chafe and hurt a little. So what do you guys do to try and stay cool on hot and humid days? Fans are alright but sometimes I'm all over so moving the fan with me isn't practical. Has anyone tried those cooling towels or cooling headbands? Do they work decent? Any other tricks?
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Re: Staying Cool During The Summer Heat

At the advice of Inner10 I tried some Champion underwear. Not exactly sure on the model, but I think it's something like "UltraCool Vapor Technology" or something.

They aren't any cooler than cotton boxer briefs, but they wick moisture, they're smooth (a LOT smoother than cotton), and they're longer in the leg (probably 5" or so longer than the Hanes I was wearing), keeps things downstairs gliding along smoothly through out the day, especially when wearing jeans. Been working in stuffy apartments or rooms that are totally sheeted off with plastic. No ventilation and probably 90 and humid on average, with a few cooler ones in between, drenched in sweat by 9am every day and haven't had a single chafing problem in the two weeks I've been wearing them.

Outside I just do whatever I can to keep the sweat out of my eyes.


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Re: Staying Cool During The Summer Heat

For me it is drinking water all day. I also make a point to try and avoid air conditioning - what I mean is like getting in vehicles I leave windows down and AC off, and eat lunch outside etc. I think it helps aclimatise to where I a week or two you don't think anything of the heat.
I do enjoy the AC at home in the evening though.
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Re: Staying Cool During The Summer Heat

The most important thing is staying hydrated. If you don't have to piss a few times a day, you're not drinking enough water. If your piss has color, you're not drinking enough water.

For the chaffing, I don't wear cotton underwear in the summer. This is my first year wearing them, but I've not had monkey butt yet. I sweat a lot, so not getting chaffed is very new to me & I really like it.
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Re: Staying Cool During The Summer Heat

Dittos stay hydrated & try to keep out of the sun (hats, loose fitting shirts, actual trees, canopies) - a few other tricks

Cooling towels - depends on humidity levels & how they work - evaporation ones are pretty much useless on real humid days and on real dry days as they are sucked dry to quick. Many times I just drenched the shirt & hat in cool water
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Re: Staying Cool During The Summer Heat

I have an endura cool sleeve thingy I wear. Throw it in front of the truck ac vent after wetting it and it'll last awhile. If it's crazy humid out it doesn't work as well
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Re: Staying Cool During The Summer Heat

I'm hoping to review this

Looks really interesting and I would love to have something to keep me from overheating when I'm sheathing a roof and its hot out
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Re: Staying Cool During The Summer Heat

Originally Posted by Timuhler View Post
I'm hoping to review this

Looks really interesting and I would love to have something to keep me from overheating when I'm sheathing a roof and its hot out
I don't own that one but I do own a cooling vest that I have never worn.


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