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Square Foot Pricing.

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Re: Square Foot Pricing.

Originally Posted by Mr Knucklehead View Post
the designers. They f#$king make my head spin...they all have these phony accent very well dressed fancy car driving designers that are billing out for probably more money then I'm billing out for plus getting their cut on what they supply, window treatments, fancy chairs etc.. and they do absolutely nothing but drive around to showrooms and act like they know what they are talking about. The ultimate bullsh#ter in the industry
My thoughts about them, exactly
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Re: Square Foot Pricing.

Originally Posted by Mr Knucklehead View Post
Never intended it towards you, just in general. Of course you're the OP so it flowed in your direction.

(In general) Contractors are their worst enemy. Too many quality oriented guys take on work for little money giving the public quality work for a cheap price. That's not the way it should work.

Doing so will condition the public into expecting the same type of work in the future at that same cut rate price. They have been conditioned.

I work much too hard, I'm very conscientious, morally straight, will not cut corners, very fair to my clients and ensuring everybody in their home working on their project can be trusted. You're not getting that at a cut rate price. Not from me anyway.

Go ahead, keep your guys busy and barely pay your bills and payroll. Eventually it will catch up to you, because you can't make that up unless you charge the next client what you lost on your last client.

If you don't have the money to float your business 6 months with payroll you're already in trouble and don't even know it.

IMHO,much wisdom in the above statement. As far as taking on jobs to keep the crew employed,I have some thoughts that run contrary to the mindset of the majority. While I will do all I can (within reason) to see the crew working,I will not jeopardize the viability of my company or family to "see if I will make money". It may seem harsh and unaccommodating but I'M not their keeper. I will give them plenty of notice when I see work drying up. If they find something better before our current job completes and drag up to go there and leave us short,that is o.k.. No harsh feelings,what is fair for the goose.... The trades by nature are very transient,hence the term journeyman. Around here (large Mid -West cities) everyone knows that going into the game. The majority of guys around here collect 5-10 1042,s a year.

There is an old saying "lay off is pay off is pay off" better get used to it around here anyway.

Just some food for thought, The larger more successful firms do not engage in that mindset of taking on jobs to keep the crew together. A harsh reality,just saying.


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