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Spreading Straw Around A Jobsite.

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Spreading Straw Around A Jobsite.

So we are now officially the wettest on record that we have ever been. It has rained to some degree at least every second day if not every day for the last almost 2 months.

I heard somewhere about you guys in wet areas who spread straw around your work sites. How does this work?

Wouldn't it just get trampled in and muddy then stick to your boots?

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Re: Spreading Straw Around A Jobsite.

Originally Posted by Cjeff View Post
...How does this work?
Wouldn't it just get trampled in and muddy then stick to your boots?...
Works great to help stabilize bare slopes/soil that will have no or very minimal traffic. Usually done after seeding.

Yes, like really good glue.


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Re: Spreading Straw Around A Jobsite.

If spread too thin, yes it will just get muddy and stick to your boots, but if put down thick enough, it will keep the mud off your boots completely. This keeps it off your pant legs as well. Just makes a nicer work environment.

If it gets trampled down after a few days, break a few more bales. Cheap and easy.
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Re: Spreading Straw Around A Jobsite.

Here in WA it is common as an erosion control practice. If you want to provide an area around your building free of mud place a layer (At least 6" on firm dry soil. thicker if mud.) of Hog fuel or wood chips or grindings or whatever else it might be called in your area. Straw will not provide the same effect.
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Re: Spreading Straw Around A Jobsite.

If it's really muddy enough for extraordinary measures, you could always do this.
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Re: Spreading Straw Around A Jobsite.

Bark dust is the best I have found so far. Straw or hay eventually makes for this tall aggressive grass growing everywhere. Bark dust about 6 inches everywhere and you will be in paradise while working.
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Re: Spreading Straw Around A Jobsite.

I was taught to always spread straw around the foundation on new construction. Around here we have red clay soil that splashes up on the house everytime it rains and the straw prevents this.It's almost impossible to remove without a good pressure washer and chemicals.

The big national chain builders around here never do this and their walls look like crap up until the last day when they bring in a pressure washer. Even then they don't always get all the mud stains off. I never understood why they would pay a pressure washer several hundred dollars to clean up what $20 of straw would have prevented.
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Re: Spreading Straw Around A Jobsite.

When I lived and worked in the Atlanta area, Sites HAD TO BE planted with Millet Seed, AND strawed.

It would grow quickly, hold the ground firm, then die relatively quickly.


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