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rstarre 06-12-2010 12:57 PM

A Sign That Things Are Improving?
Last month I posted that I had 14 vacant lots in the Chicago area that are ready to build on. I wrote I wanted to sell about 6 of them. Well I did sell two lots to two different builders. The lots are in the same area. One has broken ground and has just put the foundation in already. The good news is he already has a contract on it. I wonder if he got lucky or are things slowly turning around? The second builder was going to wait to build, but now that he has seen the other guy sell his house so quickly, he has applied for permits last week to start his project. He had put a sign up, Build To Suit, and he did get several calls. Now he is going to do a spec house. Lets hope this is the start of a construction recovery

pdmcgowan 06-12-2010 01:52 PM

Personally I hate spec houses and think its the #1 reason we have this problem. People used to make one MODEL and sell as a spec house. All the good custom contractors are in another profession. We just put in some perforated pipe in some crappy lots that are getting spec built by a new home builder, who funds these guys? Its work but I guess we didnt learn a lesson so round 2. Best part of it is the crew was a old sider, framer,and concrete guy. So far four in a row homes for sale.

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