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Scam Alert

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Re: Scam Alert

14 years ago I got scammed for $1100 because of a stolen cashiers check. I only waited 24 hours after depositing the money. Live and learn.

I was in college and recruited some more computer savvy friends. They tracked the IP address and whatnot in the email, and we actually found the Kinko's computer that he wrote emails from in SoCal, so there was video footage of the person. The local police didn't care enough, so I gave up.
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Re: Scam Alert

The problem is most people put them in the ATM, the ATM doesn't know what you put it in, you can put in 10$ and tell the machine you deposited $100, its not until its all accounted for that something doesn't add up. If its a cheque it takes extra time for banks to communicate with eachother.
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Ralph Rivera
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Re: Scam Alert

Originally Posted by 480sparky View Post
My neighbor got wrapped up on one of those fake bank check schemes. She was selling something on CraigsList, and was asked to send photos of the item.

She asked me to not only take the photos, but put them in an email for her since she didn't know how. While doing so, I spotted the scam. She was selling this thing for $600, and was offered a certified check for $800 instead.

So we turned the tables on the scammer. She got the check, but instead of depositing it she took it to the bank and had them check it out. Of course it was a fake, so she kept it, and the trap was set. She replied that the check was deposited, and was told by the scammer that his associate would be by a week later (to make sure the check doesn't bounce, of course) to pick up the item.

A week later, the scammers' associate shows up to pick up the item. Since we live on a cul-de-sac, we had the local sheriff's deputy 'on call' nearby. When the 'associate' pulled up, I called the cops and he blocked his car in.

His trunk was full of high-end stuff he had picked up from CL sellers. The check was taken as evidence.

It was fun as hell watching him get cuffed and stuffed. Score one for the good guys!
Ralph Rivera
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Re: Scam Alert

A guy that works for my parents, Sam, got wrapped up in a fake check situation but ended up being arrested.

The scammer asked him where he banked at and so Sam told them that he had an account at the 1st National Bank. The scammer sent a certified check that was $1000 more than the cost of the transaction. So Sam called the scammer. The scammer said, "Oh! Thanks for catching our mistake. Can you deposit the check and wire us the difference?" Sure, no problem. But when Sam noticed that the check was written from ACME Bank, he decided to take it there instead and cash it directly because Sam had accounts at both banks. In his mind it made more sense to get all of the cash than to deposit the money and wait.

Sam showed up at ACME Bank with the fake check to cash it and while they were stalling him, they called the police. They ended up giving him $300 and told him that he could get the rest of the money the next day. But before he could get out of the door the cops were there to arrest him.

All of the charges were dropped later that afternoon and he was released after the court commissioner figured out that Sam wasn't dumb enough to make a fake check and cash it through his own account. He tried suing ACME Bank for the situation but they went out of business and another bank took over the building and acquired all of the accounts while they were in the process of serving the summons.
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Re: Scam Alert

See you guys aren't as lucky as I am. I just got a 12 page letter in the mail that said they had been watching me for 3 years and I was the type of person they were looking for. See pays to keep your nose clean. Now they want me to join their secret society ( since it's secret I probably shouldn't be telling you) Now they will send me a FREE 1200 page book that will unlock all the secrets to wealth and happiness. Now how lucky am I? After I read this FREE book I will be hobnobbing with the rich and famous. Oh and did I mention the FREE 1200 page book. So if you don't see me posting on here for a while it's because I'm reading my FREE 1200 page book. Then I will be able to hire someone to post for me.

Did I mention there is a one time dues of $150 ? Chickenfeed after I read my 1200 page FREE book.
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David Festa
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Re: Scam Alert

This is the 4th hearing impaired request this month. This is the email, no address, email CC shows about 10 other PPL

Good day this is *** ***X am hearing impaired, how are you doing today, my regards to you. I will like to know if you do ROOF REPLACEMENT I just bought a house and it is 4bed room house and I want all the whole roof of the house to be replaced, will you be able to do that for me and can I have the estimate of the roof repairing... please send me the estimate as soon as possible.
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Re: Scam Alert

Originally Posted by festerized View Post
This is the 4th hearing impaired request this month. This is the email, no address, email CC shows about 10 other PPL

Good day this is *** ***X am hearing impaired, how are you doing today, my regards to you. I will like to know if you do ROOF REPLACEMENT I just bought a house and it is 4bed room house and I want all the whole roof of the house to be replaced, will you be able to do that for me and can I have the estimate of the roof repairing... please send me the estimate as soon as possible.
Reply back and say "sorry, I'm reading impaired so I can't help you!"

Originally Posted by tipitop View Post
That guy in video have mental issues plus eat hole turtle from some reason
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Re: Scam Alert

i've sold a LOT of stuff on craig's. i always tell em cash in person, or a wire transfer from a U.S. bank. i have account that i set up exclusively for that purpose. my banker tells me that wire transfer funds from a US bank is just like the guy walking into your office with a brief case full of cash. just have to make sure acct. is set up so funds can't be transferred back out.
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Re: Scam Alert

I also got an email two days ago from Maria Sanchez who is hearing impaired and needs a roof. ............Do you take credit cards?
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Re: Scam Alert

We're helping find a decent car for one of our kids, and the latest scam is a picture of a 2005 or better car with lower mileage and that the car is being sold for $900. You contact them and a guy replies he is selling it for his sister and gives you her email. She, of course, is "overseas in Germany" and had to sell the car quick as she had to ship out which is why the price is so low, and INCLUDES the delivery. From where the car supposedly is to where she is advertising is a 4-hour one way trip (delivery included in $900). She also says that she doesn't want to spend a lot of time on it because it's such a good deal.

THEN, supposedly you are totally protected under a military service that handles everything, and allows you up to 15 days to change your mind.

So then we ask, do we get to see it before paying for it?...

You can guess the answer...

The kicker is, this idiot scammer then places an identical ad, same car, same price, just different color the next day...

If it's too good to be true...



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