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Put An Ad Out For Carpenters. Got This Email

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Re: Put An Ad Out For Carpenters. Got This Email

I genuinely like to help people but I've learned that people that are in situations like this are in situations like that for a reason and no matter how much you help them they're going to self-destruct be problematic and never get out of the hole that they're in.

I met a guy at the DMV about 3 months ago and I could tell that he just got out of the joint and we started talking and I asked him if he had a job. He seemed like he was trying to get his stuff together getting his driver's license back, living at the halfway house, seem to be drug Free and headed in the right direction. I knew he would have problems finding work because of his record so I offered him a job, (with someone else lol) with the hopes that maybe that little bit of positive reinforcement would keep him on the right track because I know he's already feeling insecure and out of his element and once he gets told no a couple times on job applications, he'll go right back to his old ways.

I basically told him, if you need work go to this address talk to this person blah blah blah and he showed up and he started working there and he worked for about 2 months and everybody was happy with him.
I kept tabs on him and everything seemed to be going well. So when that job was ending I went and picked him up and put him to work on one of my jobs.

The first day I could tell he was high again. I could tell he hadn't been to sleep, he couldn't even take basic orders like go "backwards" or "stop". Plus he didn't have any construction skills worth bragging about. We were building a fence..it should be a no brainier that the poles have to be straight. Just little things.. detail things. I know I'm anal about stuff, but I have to be because it's ten times harder to build on unlevel, not square, not flush not plumb stuff. If it's 10 1/4 and you cut it 10 1/2 it's wrong. Y'all know what I'm talking about.

Anyway so he sleeps all the way to the job and all the way home and then when we pull up at his place he says man I really needed that sleep now I got to go back in here and mess with these people trying to get me and I was like "what? who's trying to get you?" Wish I hadn't asked because then I had to sit through him telling me about this whole conspiracy that he's got going on with all the people in his apartment complex spying on him through his peephole and hanging from harnesses looking in his windows watching him.

get down to the bottom of it and basically he's seeing things. Spirit people or shadow people or monitor people... Anyone that's done drugs knows what I'm talking about but for those of you who haven't, sleep deprivation is hell.

Anyway I tell him he needs to get some sleep and he gets mad and starts acting violent and it was just a nightmare I'm not even going to get into the rest of it.. he's no longer working for me though. Oh and come to find out the last week he was at the other job somebody got him high and sold him some meth. As my dad would say no good deed goes unpunished.
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Re: Put An Ad Out For Carpenters. Got This Email

Originally Posted by Stryker1-1 View Post
Sorry but anyone who gives me a sob story followed by going on about how I won't regret it has me instantly thinking how much I will regret it.

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Exactly. Cuz a f up is a f up is a f up. And it's never their fault.
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Re: Put An Ad Out For Carpenters. Got This Email

Originally Posted by tjbnwi View Post
Why would the roof be under their head?

Because they are carpenters, you dont build a roof from under it.

Originally Posted by overanalyze View Post
Same rule applies to applicants for any of my rentals...if you have a story and want to share it with me..a complete stranger...you are off my list of potential renters.
You should hear the stories my dad gets at his 7 unit. And he is way to nice of a guy and gets taken advantage of all the time. Ive found these people to be the scum of the earth. They will lie like a politician. He is to nice so I normally have to go do the dirty work. He cant throw people out of their home. You lie your gone, always have some sob story but their floors are covered in dog crap, pizza boxes, and scratch off tickets but they will have their rent next week.
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Re: Put An Ad Out For Carpenters. Got This Email

I don't know. It seems like the number of replies in my inbox would be a consideration. If this was one of only a few, I might be more likely to entertain a response. If my inbox is full, this one wouldn't get much attention.
Above all, a good roof
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Re: Put An Ad Out For Carpenters. Got This Email

Did you ever call the woman about her dad?

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