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"Precious" Clients

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The Sheriff

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Re: "Precious" Clients

Originally Posted by hdavis View Post
Oil patch people seem to be their own breed, just like a lot of Texans.
Yep. Especially wild catters

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water re-locater
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Re: "Precious" Clients

Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
BTW, talking about these adult children, they always pay their own bill, whether with their money or parents money or trust fund money I have no idea. Checks cash though. LOL

Only had the one client pay for my trust fund account.

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If these kids were New Yorkers I guarantee they would be snow flakes

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Re: "Precious" Clients

Originally Posted by NYgutterguy View Post
If these kids were New Yorkers I guarantee they would be snow flakes

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Or Californians.
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Re: "Precious" Clients

I did a job for a guy in his 40s who had "just" lost his wife and collected her life insurance money. He was such an asshole. He wanted the price lower and lower and chopped the estimate all up until he was where he wanted to be financially.. he kept saying, it's just a garage so it doesn't have to be perfect. WRONG! We did twice the work he paid for and he still kept nitpicking. Everytime we said no, he would start crying talking about his wife dying bla bla bla. Well honey.. guess what, mine died too and not only did I not collect on a $500,000 insurance policy, but I don't remember anyone coming over to reno my garage for free so save it for someone who hasn't been thru it under worse conditions than you.

This MF bought a brand new truck and renoed the entire house, had a pool built, brand new nice ass fence, hadn't worked in 2 years and expected me to cave in cuz he cried a few crocidille tears over his dead wife that passed two years ago BECAUSE THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD WAS MAKING HER SICK. Ninja please! At least you got to say good bye. Try making dinner reservations for your birthday dinner that night that you'll never get to go to because oh, surprise, your man ain't never comin home from work. Please! My heart is so cold it would make hell a carribbean vacation. Plus, i saw all that stuff of your wifes that your "home organizer" pulled out of the attic and you said, "just throw it away". You can cry so hard snot comes out your nose and you are still gonna pay for smooth texture if smooth texture is what you want.

Man I'm bitch aren't I? Lol.. that is seriously the kind of conversations that go on in my own head (and sometimes out loud) when customers try to play me.

So to answer your question, F those kids. They aren't going to appreciate anything you do anyway.
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Re: "Precious" Clients

So you did do the work for him then?

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Re: "Precious" Clients

I told you guys M makes grown 'men' cry...

Now do you believe me?

He was probably thinking charity begins at home.
His home.


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