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Plumber Refuses To Finish Work

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Plumber Refuses To Finish Work

I had hired a plumber to plumb several dwellings for me ( I'm the electrician) and all went well until the plumber went behind my back to work with the GC on another project. During this project the plumber roughed in a slab and turned in a bill for about 6000.00 for around 2000.00 of work. The engineer (not the GC ) was the one cutting the checks to the subs and he would not write the check for no more than the work done. This made the plumber very mad and walks off job, after which the GC has to jackhammer the concrete up and then redo the plumbing because the plumber put the toilets to standard and not to handicap specs. Well the plumber is calling everybody he thinks he can to complain about the GC (the is a state gov job also) but of course it doesn't do any good.
That was some of the background to my problem.....
Since the same GC owns the properties that we were working on, the plumber has refused to return to the job to finish his work causing a larger expense to the GC and myself to finish his work. I have 2 condos that we worked on and come time to set them out ( already paid 75%) he wont show up to finish because he says he doesn't want the GC to prosper from the job. He doesn't realize that the GC will prosoer not matter what but that he is costing ME. I have tried to reason with him but it does no good so now I guess I get to take him to court to try to get at least the overages back that it is costing.
I think I also need to report this to the state license board, you agree?
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Re: Plumber Refuses To Finish Work

Alright, I'll start. WHAT DOES YOUR CONTRACT SAY? Both with the GC and the plumber. Can't be much help until we know.


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Re: Plumber Refuses To Finish Work

I had hired a plumber to plumb several dwellings for me ( I'm the electrician)
That's weird..
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Re: Plumber Refuses To Finish Work

If he went and did a job for the GC directly, that doesn't matter, that's his business.

But if his contract is with you on your job and he is refusing to return to the job, then I would say he is in breach of contract. Find another guy to complete the job and sue the plumber to the letter of the contract.
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Re: Plumber Refuses To Finish Work

Why is the EC concerned about the deal between the GC and PC?
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Re: Plumber Refuses To Finish Work


It sounds like you got yourself in to a mess. I just don't understand how you end up in the middle of this mess being electrical contractor, hiring a plumber for the job which is not yours. I guess you hired this guy so you could get a little taste from the plumbing work? Now this guy screwed you, and the GC. Next question would be as what Mike asked... Is the plumber has a contract with you and what does it say, is there a progress payment schedule? Also (not that it matters right now) do you have a contract with GC for plumbing work and what are the specifics of that contract? Either way I guess a sensible assumption is at this point, the only person who is screwed in this deal is you, by GC for breach of contract. If you don't have a contract between you and the plumber, it looks like you will get screwed from both ends. If you do have the contract between him and you, and he breached the contract, get someone to make it good on the plumbing work, if GC did not take care of that yet, and make the plumber install toilets for you for the rest of his life.

I also find it strange that a GC would allow one trade, to hire a different trade to do the work on his job.

Good luck, I hope it works out for you, and I hope you will learn a valuable lesson to keep your beak out of things you have no knowledge about.
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Re: Plumber Refuses To Finish Work

Why did the electrican hire the plumber? My guess would be that the GC or maybe the engineer hired him.
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Re: Plumber Refuses To Finish Work

ditto the above but add this:

The guy is using the other job as an excuse. He knows it and deep down you know it. He isn't coming back to your job because the money is not there. He already has been paid all the profit and probably more.

You're screwed.

Now, you must complete your contract with the GC then go after the plumber for the deficiency. Of course he will likely go bkt and you will be left out.

And, that's why we don't pre-pay. Subs are no less dishonest than GC's.


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