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Paying Per Diem

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Paying Per Diem

We work out of town almost exclusively. I pay for the motel rooms and give the guys $35 a day for meals.

Question is how is everyone going about paying the per diem? Weekly? Added on check? paid in advance or afterwards?

A lot of my guys are bad with money and show up on jobs flat broke so If I don't give them money for per diem in advance then they don't eat.

I have been giving it to them every three days, and in advance. For example the day we leave on a job I give them $105, then the same $105 every three days. It seems to work ok but is a pain to keep up with. Just curious how others handle it.
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Re: Paying Per Diem

when i was traveling we got paid with our checks the following week. wouldn't it be easier for you to pay by the week instead of every three days?


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Re: Paying Per Diem

When I had worked per diem I was paid every 2-4 weeks,which was horrible for a 20 something year old man who had a fondness for the night life and leggy gals.I went hungry more than once.Every week sounds fair,and if you go hungry a day or two,that's life ,or borrow from a buddy.
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Re: Paying Per Diem

We give the guys their per diem in cash at the start of each week. We set up the motel rooms.
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Re: Paying Per Diem

Originally Posted by Aggie67 View Post
We give the guys their per diem in cash at the start of each week. We set up the motel rooms.
+1 here.......Used to travel very extensively, and per diems were a seperate check at the begining of the job......motels, flights, shipping of any materials and such were on the company.
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Re: Paying Per Diem

as far as per diem goes we get it once we have filled out our vouture on our return. though you can ask for an advance.
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Re: Paying Per Diem

Originally Posted by JPF View Post
+1 here.......Used to travel very extensively, and per diems were a seperate check at the begining of the job......motels, flights, shipping of any materials and such were on the company.

We send the guy's out on Sunday night. Hotel is paid by us, and we give the forman a check for everyone's per dium on Sunday night when we meet at my office. The guy's all sign a sheet that say's they received this money on Monday night, when they get the dough. We also pay $35 a night.

I put the money out on the first work day because I know that some of these guy's have been out of work for a while and are on a shoe string budget. It cuts down on the "hey brother, can you loan me a dime thing". That only puts a burdon on the guys who have been around the longest; your leaders.


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